Refresh Your Space With These Artistic DIY Wall Decors

21st October 2021

Have you recently moved into a new place that you want to call home? We know it’s a bit of a hassle with all the packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading of stuff. However, if you are someone who enjoys life and takes things lightly, renewing your space with DIY ideas brings all the fun emotions in the situation. After all, turning a place into a home and your ideal comfort zone; takes time. But with all the happiness, excitement, and disorganization, comes creativity. And we assume you’re here because you love it too. 


With this write-up, we will help you untangle the strings of boredom and refresh your space. We have trendy DIY tips and tricks through which you can easily put up artistic wall decors at your new place. So, let’s begin. 


Curate Colored Useful Shelves


Shelves offer a modish look when organized well. They are affixed to walls and are there for more than just storage. A floating shelf makes your space look bigger and proves itself to be a contemporary decorative object. More so, they are available in various designs, colors, and types. 


If you opt for one of its types, the oak shelves, you will benefit from their sturdiness, longevity, and the ability to carry a standard weight of around 18 to 20 pounds. You can choose to install floating shelves in pleasing colors and textures to display your pictures, mementos, books, or vases. This brings us to our next point. 


Hang Delicate Wall Vases 

Blank walls are a sign of boredom. And in extreme cases, they even arouse anxiety. And we bet, no one can afford it. Thus, bring in some element of nature in front of your eyes. Hang delicate wall vases up at your wall of multi colors and various sizes. Delicacy itself has beauty. Take care of them each morning to feel a sense of accomplishment at the very start of your day. Ensure to add a clear sheet of plastic on the wall before putting up real flowered vases. However, if you choose artificial flower vases, then you’re good to go.

Opt for a Vintage Look

Anything that has a vintage touch to it makes it classic and antique. To dress up your walls with a dimensional approach, you must add the element of tradition to it. Therefore, use pretty vintage plates up on your wall to craft a symmetrical gallery. The best place in your home for a touch of paradigm and vintage plates is your kitchen. Your kitchen will feel like an asset you’re devoted to. Besides, we all know nothing brings people closer than some effort and good food. Above anything, we all are living by some traditions and this is one of them. Hence, make the effort and offer your kitchen an untouchable look.  

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Does Basket Collection Sounds Good To You?

Although basket collection is not something fancy, it’s a highly elegant and unique approach. After all, we are discussing creativity, so why not put up a bunch of colorful baskets on the wall that promise to offer a warm look? To go with the best ones, choose woven baskets. These are the ones that proffer texture and diversity to wall decoration. Also, it’s perfect to add honey toned baskets of different sizes in a room that allows sunlight to enter it. Even if basket collection is not something that you’d be proud of, it’s worth a try.

Go Sporty, and Out Of the Way

This one beats all. Put your most favorite mountain bike up at your wall. It will offer you the immense kick of energy and motivation. Here’s a secret, you might even get a boost in your productivity by just looking at it. After all, it’s not that usual to see a bike hanging upside down. Well, you have the option of placing it horizontally or vertically, but, if you have the means, this one calls for a shot.

Hang Up a Mirror

How can you miss this one? Mirrors are substantially one of the most pure forms of delicate and beautiful creations of humans. A mirror not only offers reflection, but validates beauty, rectifies one’s confidence, and re-positions the power of vulnerability. Above all, if affixed at a wall, a mirror also helps offer a brighter and bigger image of a place. So, there’s no literal reason you shouldn’t go with this one.  

Try Removable Wall Art

If it’s not in your budget to go with huge, bash-y ideas, it’s all good. After all, how would you create a secure future and a life you deserve if you’ll invest into decorations only? Therefore, try removable wall art that you can easily get online. There is an extensive collection of pretty, colorful, and sophisticated adhesive stickers for grown-ups online. These wall arts are also perfect to offer a luxurious finish to your walls without damaging them. In fact, to cure your boredom at a place you’re renting, wall murals work best.  

Please, Put On Some Wall Lamps and Paper Lights

We bet, nothing will be as affordable and as enjoyable as putting on some paper lights and wall lamps on your walls. We all have loved and adored them since childhood. You can get paper lights and wall lamps in different colors to always change the vibe of your room. Besides, we are taught to sit with emotions if we are restless. So, why not light up some colored light in your place at any hour of the day to help you feel better? To look for calmness, turn the light to blue. When angry, go with red. When sleepy, opt for a yellowish tone. Paper lights for sure will refresh your space.


Can we make art without creativity and a home without comfort? How about we combine both and just live in a refreshed space? The above write up is packed with all you need to know to refresh your space with great artistic and affordable ideas.