Reasonable retirement

28th July 2022

Currently, the retirement age in the UK is at 65 years. Though it’s possible that you’re reading this from a different country than the United Kingdom, the age of retirement will be similar to the 65 in the UK in your country of residence. What people do with their time during their retirement differs for everybody of course and that’s how it should be. Would be a bit boring if we’d all fancy doing the exact same few things, wouldn’t it? To avoid falling into a black hole of time it can be wise to start thinking about how you wish to spend your time during your retirement. That way, you can spend the time you have left in an optimal way. After all, it’s only logical to want to make the most of the remaining healthy years of your life, whatever making the most of it would mean to you.

Time for your family

When you retire, you could think about spending a lot of time on your family, if you have one that is. Most people marry and get kids during their time working, but it’s possible that you never did this of course. Or perhaps your spouse has passed away sadly, or you have divorced, or maybe your children live far away, on the other side of the country.
If so it might be a good idea to consider dating again. There are websites out there for over 60s dating which specialize in bringing together elderly who are alone. This way you could find a new special someone, or perhaps if you never came to settling down with someone a first special someone. Don’t be afraid that when over 60 dating you would be too old to go dating again and that that’s something the current generation should do. Humans are a social species and therefore the relationships we form are perhaps the most important aspect of our lives, an aspect that is in no way limited to a certain age group.
And of course if you already have a family, try to spend more time with them. Look after your grandkids every now and then if you have those. That way you will not only see your grandchildren more often, but also their parents. After all, you leave after they arrive, thus giving you time to have contact with them, even if just a small amount.

Travel the world

Have you always had a dream of a big trip somewhere in a faraway land? Then right after retirement is your chance to do this. If you have worked hard your whole life, chances are you have the funds necessary to make the trip you want and right after retirement your physical health will probably still be good enough for a trip like this. Perhaps it won’t be possible for you to swim with sharks anymore or something as spectacular as that (or perhaps it will be), but there are enough things that you will be able to do with your 65 year old body that make a trip worth the travel.

Keep on learning

It’s common knowledge that people learn much easier at a young age than when they’re old. However, that should never stop you from trying to learn new things. Learning is something for all ages and will besides being important for keeping your brain healthy and active, result in you being able to use your new skills for fun activities. So think of skills like pottery, painting, playing music, whatever it is that you’re interested in.

Use the skills you already have

In your 65 years of living you must have acquired quite a nice skill set already. Besides learning new skills you can also put the skills you already have to good use in volunteering jobs. Think of a job at a museum, or your local church. There are lots public spaces where motivated people with good knowledge on general things involved in managing an organization are needed. Other examples could be theaters, or libraries. This way you’re not only staying active within the local community, while also keeping yourself active, you also keep on adding something to society, with a value for us all.