RADWRAPS – magnetic radiatior covers

3rd April 2015

Our vision at Radwraps is to spread colour and life to out bland and boring radiators, with no heat loss,turning the bland in beautiful one room at a time.

You’ve painted, you’ve wallpapered, you’ve lovingly decorated your home and you’ve still got that Bland, Lifeless, White radiator spoiling your decor.

A wooden cover is expensive and can reduce heat by up to 60%, what else can be done to rid the Bland???

7 years ago we had this problem, its then we came up with a brief for the Perfect radiator cover, it needed to have no heat loss, have any image or design, easy to fit and cheaper than a wooden cover, Radwraps have all these features.

Radwraps specially formulated magnetic material can have any image or design to compliment your room decor, create a striking centre piece or have a personalised image unique to yourself. An estimate of 350 million radiators across the UK are screaming out for Colour and Life, homes, schools, offices, pubs, clubs and factories and many more, marketing information, safety signage and advertising materials, the uses for Radwraps are endless. Join the Radwrap revolution.

Winning Pitch to Rich would really propel Radwraps to its deserving high profile, giving us the spotlight which the Pitch to Rich creates we could capitalise on that with devastating affect.

Radwraps will become a household name within the UK and Europe within 2 years of winning Pitch to Rich, the support, feedback and advice gained from doing so would truly raise us to the household name level.

No longer will we dismiss the capable beauty of our heating necessity, Radwraps transform the Bland and create the Beautiful.


With the guidance and support from Sir Richard and the Virgin group we will have the platform to promote Radwraps to the highest level. #blandtobeautiful


If you think RADWRAPS should win vote here – http://www.virginmediabusiness.co.uk/pitch-to-rich/grow/radwraps-/  

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