Radwraps Antimicrobial Enhancing Patient Engagement With Antibacterial Posters At Southend Hospital

22nd May 2020

Radwraps Antimicrobial have been playing a key role in enhancing the engagement for patients at medical facilities by using informative posters based on the design of the Radwraps covers.

Radwraps Antimicrobial are based in Birkdale, Merseyside, and they produce innovative materials for informative purposes. They can project imagery of anything from an artistic design to a meaningful photograph to a business service advertisement. But they can also be used to provide detailed guidance on a particular subject matter due to their significant length and height, and they can also be applied on any appropriate surface, from walls and windows to doors and cupboards. In addition, Radwraps can provide posters that use more traditional materials such as laminated paper and vinyl to achieve the same goals for a client.

In this case, Radwraps Antimicrobial have been working very closely with Southend Hospital to design, produce and install a wide range of enlightening, engaging and eye-catching antibacterial posters. The artwork is intended to emphasise the facts about services, equipment, processes, health and safety measures and much more in a way that sidesteps the usual leaflets and online guides, instead utilising colourful imagery that stands out within a room, thus increasing the chances of influencing and educating patients.

The entire A&E department at Southend Hospital has been fitted with these posters (as seen in the attached images), and the feedback was unanimously positive to this fresh, creative manner of delivering vital information to those who would benefit from it the most.

Healthcare providers are continuously emphasising their need to empower patients and to offer the most valuable patient-focused service possible. These posters provide tools for patients to ask questions based on logic rather than guesswork, and they improve the health literacy of both patients and medical staff. These posters answer questions about how certain processes work and why delays may occur, making their time at hospital a little clearer and easier to cope with.

The strong feedback for our work at Southend Hospital means that we will add more posters on that site, as well as working with a wide range of other hospitals, surgeon’s wards and more around the country once the current lockdown has ended. It is important to recognise that many people continue to struggle with more common health issues aside from the ongoing pandemic, and therefore we strive to assist patients’ needs and understanding as much as we can in post-lockdown Britain with the use of these posters that will increase their knowledge while brightening up their day just a little.

To find out more about Radwraps Antimicrobial, you can contact James Maddocks by calling ‪01704 567083‬, or by emailing james@radwraps.co.uk, or you can visit www.radwraps.co.uk.