Eco-campaigner, Cath Regan, is seen here on Radio Merseyside speaking about Ainsdale’s vital Kitty’s Wood fight.

Cath was thrown in at the deep end with this impromptu radio interview and asked to stand in at the last minute.

Councillor Haydn Preece supporting Kitty’s Woods campaigners today.

Ainsdale’s Cllr Haydn Preece (above) who sensibly voted at the Planning Meeting ‘against’ the ludicrous planning proposal to build houses on the woodlands, speaking up strongly for George Drive residents today.

Sovini plan to destroy Kitty’s Wood wildlife haven. Their anti-nature plans also seem to contravene government guidelines. 

The UK Government is specific that the greenbelt and existing community needs MUST be properly considered when development is planned. An extract from the Government’s press release (‘Government announces ambitious plan to build the homes Britain needs’) makes this very clear.

Getting the right homes built in the right places

‘Currently 40% of local planning authorities do not have an up to date plan that meets the projected growth in households in their area. Fixing this will help make sure enough land is released for new homes to be built in the parts of the country where people want to live and work and ensure developments take heed of local people’s wishes, while continuing with maximum protections for the green belt.’

The Southport community have now told Sovini several times in the nature of peaceful public protests, meetings, etc that proposed development in George Drive’s woodland is 100% unjustified.

Sovini have continued to threaten the legally-protected wildlife (with bizarre Sefton Council backing) and dismissed the existing people of the Ainsdale community as being basically insignificant.

Their harsh attitude at public meetings has been to state “It’s our land and we can do what we want with it. “

The Real Agenda… ? 

One Vision Housing’s (OVH’s) agenda has been alleged to have more to do with mega-profit than any feasible care for the existing community, corporate responsibilities, Southport’s vanishing heritage or care for the wild environment.

Staff pay scales vary yet top brass clearly have little to complain about…

Roy Williams OVH (part of Sovini Group) CEO, Total salary 2015/16  £178,065 

Rather than take heed of the Government and listen to the community, that is an unfortunate stakeholder in Sovini’s reviled activities, this development firm has promised to destroy the woodland for a handful of crammed-in houses that will ensure that this part of our old Southport countryside is lost forever.

Sovini/One Vision Housing’s (OVH) reckless and extremely cold-hearted attitude to the Ainsdale community and thriving wildlife habitat has brought into question its promises and corporate responsibilities.

Sovini can only blame their own anti-community/countryside actions for this conflict-ridden situation. It is them alone that has got the community in an uproar. Their own foolish actions ensured that they have been turned away by police when they attempted to enter the woodlands (full of nesting birds), in order to destroy it.

To add insult to injury OVH also told a rather inattentive newspaper that

“In addition, we have made a commitment to plant new trees within the development site.”

This is little more than misleading development double-talk, because OVH are fully aware that they plan to DESTROY THE ENTIRE WOODLANDS. This was indirectly clarified in a  Sefton Council report, which stated…

Ignoring Government guidelines regarding the right place to build, seems to be their latest insult towards the increasingly frustrated Southport community.

Councillors (Labour en-masse and Sefton Tory Chief, Denise Dutton) created this terrible situation with their stupendously reckless decision, in Bootle Town Hall, to allow Sovini building rights on Kitty’s Wood wildlife reserve…

Above: Tory boss, Cllr Denise Dutton, who we believe voted to destroy Kitty’s Wood. 

Consequently, it’s up to these mega-dozy Tory and Labour politicians to wake up and get this error rectified, to save more unnecessary escalation. For months before they infamously voted to axe the woodlands, they were warned about the ramifications but they failed to listen.

How out of touch with our communities can these politicians really be?

The fight for justice (and basic common sense) against OVH/Sovini (and its council puppet) continues and the mounting support for our worthy campaign to save the woods is humbling.

Southport’s old countryside is NOT a fat-cat developer’s disposal asset, to be trashed. 

The dedicated Kitty’s Wood campaign now has expert legal representation against the profit-hungry, development bullies and support continues to pour in…
Petition – ongoing… 

Gofundme page, every penny counts, to challenge the woodland-wreckers… 


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