Racist leaflets posted to Southport homes

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Southport residents have received racist leaflets posted to their homes.

Leaflets were posted through the letterboxes of homes in the Birkdale and Town Centre areas.

One recipient said: “it’s full of nothing but lies and conspiracy theory nonsense.”

The flyers promote a misleading white-nationalist conspiracy theory that “White Britons will be a minority in Britain as a whole by the 2060’s”.

The identity of the publisher is unknown.

The flyer also cites David Coleman, a member of the Galton Institute (formerly known as the Eugenics Society) and advisor to Migration Watch UK, a campaign group which argues for lower immigration into the UK.

Coleman initially made the claim back in 2010, but has since admitted that Brexit and other immigration policies implemented in the past ten years is likely to render the research irrelevant in modern times.

The theory alluded to within the leaflet is often termed as “the great replacement”, a conspiracy theory termed by Renaud Camus in France in 2010, and adopted by far-right groups.

Camus’s use of strong terms like “colonization” and “Occupiers” to label non-European immigrants and their children have been described as implicit calls to violence.

The work has been translated and manipulated to apply to most European countries.

Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the Australian terrorist who killed 51 and injured 49 people at a mosque in Christchurch named his manifesto “The Great Replacement” in reference to Camus.

Cecil Jenkins said in his book “A Brief History Of France”: “As for the grand replacement, this has been widely seen as a paranoid fantasy, which plays fast and loose with the statistics, is racist in that it classes as immigrants people actually born in France, glosses over the fact that around half of immigrants are from other European countries, and suggests that declining indigenous France will be outbred by Muslim newcomers when in fact it has the highest fertility rate in Western Europe, and not because of immigration.”

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