Race on to preserve outgoing Merseyrail 507 train

3rd January 2024
By Jakesotrains - Wikimedia - CC 4.0

A newly formed rail preservation society has commenced a search for a home to preserve one of Merseyrail’s now-replaced 507 fleet.

Merseyrail is currently in the process of replacing it’s existing 507 fleet, which have all been in service for at least 43 years, with the new 777 class made by Swiss train manufacturer Stadler.

Efforts to preserve the train now hinge on a permanent home being found.

The Class 507 Preservation Society conducted its first meeting in November, electing a committee chaired by Robert Hampton and adopting a constitution.

The train in question, 507001, was the first of its class and once carried Queen Elizabeth II in 1978. The unit will be withdrawn from service later this year.

The group can be contacted by emailing hello@class507.org.uk or followed on X/Twitter @class_507.