R.I.P. Tony Moore (Fight Against Animal Cruelty Campaigner ‘FAACE’) Southport

OTS News.co.uk is saddened to report the death of Southport resident, Tony Moore, aged 79.

Tony sadly passed away on Friday 27th December 2013.

Many will remember Tony for his endless campaign against animal cruelty throughtout the world.

Tony ran the Fight Against Animal Cruelty (FAACE) charity shop in Shakespeare Street, Southport.

Condloences to all his family and many friends

Funeral arrangements to be announced.

R.I.P. Tony Moore

Picture Above: Tony (next to Matilda) in a demo against a blood fiesta in Coria with people holding up pictures of Vicki Moore.


Southport veteran animal rights campaigner has died

On Friday 27th December 2013 Tony Moore, co-founder and chairman of Southport based animal rights charity “Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe” (FAACE) died from lung cancer, aged 79. Together with his late wife Vicki Moore he founded the charity in 1987 in order to save “Blackie the donkey” and other animals in Spain. The couple worked against bullfighting and blood fiestas and through their investigations were instrumental in the implementation of animal protection laws in Spain.

Especially Vicki’s accident in a Spanish blood fiesta in Coria in 1995 when she was gored and severely injured by a fighting bull, inspired many people in Spain and Latin America to get involved in the fight against animal cruelty. After her death in the year 2000 Tony continued with their campaigns and adding new topics like rodeo.

In the UK the charity campaigned mainly against the Waterloo Harecoursing Cup, Goldfish being given away as prizes at fun fairs and horse racing concentrating on the Grand National. He will be missed by animal lovers around the world. His work will be continued by his partner Matilda and friends.

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