Quirky entertainment experiences on Merseyside

18th March 2024

Merseyside offers visitors a plethora of exciting entertainment options, with the region boasting numerous attractions in Liverpool, Southport and elsewhere.

Restaurants, comedy and live music are among the more obvious choices, but scratch beneath the surface and you will find another layer of fun and frolics.

Read on as we look at some of the best offbeat entertainment experiences on Merseyside, starting with one which can come to you if you have access to a suitable venue.

Fun Casino Royale

If you love playing online slots or any of the other iGaming options, Fun Casino Royale’s professional casino night services could be right up your street.

The company has a large selection of slot machines available to hire, allowing you to recreate the thrills of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo in your chosen venue.

If table games are more your thing, the firm has a wide range of options including roulette, blackjack, three-card, poker, craps and more.

You can also add Wheel of Fortune to your casino night package and ramp up the excitement to a whole new level.


If you were around during the latter part of the 20th century, you will probably remember just how popular the seaside amusement arcades were in Southport.

That iconic era has been given a reboot in Liverpool, with ArCains offering lovers of retro games the opportunity to fuel their passion in a fun-filled environment.

Part of the Cains Brewery Complex, ArCains has a plethora of classic games available including Tekken, Defender, Guitar Hero, Street Fighter and many more.

The coolest feature at the Grafton Street venue is you just pay one entry fee to gain access to all the video games. It’s the perfect choice for gaming fans!

Breakout Liverpool

Breakout is a live escape room game located in Liverpool where you must solve a series of puzzles and mysteries to escape.

You work together with family, friends or colleagues and use your collective brain power to crack the clues to escape within one hour.

Breakout is a mix of several popular television shows including The Cube, The Crystal Maze, Prison Break, Fort Boyard, The Amazing Race and many more.

There are 14 different escape rooms to choose from, each with a different theme including The Heist, Cursed Carnival, The Haunting and Supernova.

Golf Fang Liverpool

Golf Fang Liverpool takes the concept of crazy golf and fires it into a graffiti-filled venue fuelled by beer and some of the best cocktails on Merseyside.

The 18-hole course is extremely challenging and gets more difficult as the alcohol flows and everyone’s competitive juices rise to the surface.

Golf Fang is the ideal venue for group bookings or even for a date night – just remember not to get too carried away if you are trying to make an impression.

Played against a backdrop of booming hip-hop music, a round at Golf Fang Liverpool is an experience you are guaranteed to love.