“Queues round the block” as residents take advantage of ATM paying double

10th January 2022

Gleeful customers of a Churchtown cash machine began encouraging friends and family to gather as a fault meant people were receiving double the amount they’d withdrawn.

A fault on the NM ATM machine at the Spar supermarket on Cambridge Road quickly became the talk of a number of text chains and WhatsApp groups as excited residents began lining their pockets.

Despite asking the machine for a set withdrawal amount, the error meant twice the amount of desired cash was being ejected from the machine.

Queues quickly started to form around the block as dozens of people began taking out multiple withdrawals in the hope of doubling their bank accounts.

One man claims he managed to take out over a thousand pounds, twice the amount of his regular withdrawal limit, thanks to the error.

The machine has since been taken out of service after reportedly running clean out of cash.

In previous instances when a cash machine on Bispham Road displayed a similar error in 2005, hopeful customers found themselves on the wrong end of their respective banks, who took back the erroneous amount of cash to recoup the machine’s losses.