British pubs & bars “at risk of failure”

New figures have revealed that more than a third of British pubs and bars are “at risk of failure” within the next 12 months.

A research by R3, the insolvency trade body, makes sad reading.

Sadly each set of figures emanating from research and surveys paints a worse picture than the one before. Admittedly the number of pubs closing each week has declined, figures vary but possibly down to 12 a week.
However they are still closing which is an ongoing tragedy for the licensed trade and the drinking public.

”UKIP” is campaigning for a Royal Commission into the industry and for there to be a level playing field so that pubs can have a fighting chance of competing with supermarkets and cheap off licences.

“Beer duty needs to be cut to encourage drinkers back into pubs and it would help the micro brewery industry in this country. Also landlords should have the right to have a smoking room if they so choose as the smoking ban has  been a major contributory factor in closures.”

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