Progressives May Overlook Bitcoin’s Indifference, But It’s Worth Your Attention

8th June 2023

Adopting Bitcoin is justly unavoidable in the long run but keeping aside the political battalions and making a broad alliance will let you know the right path. One question clicks to mind whether Bitcoin needs progressives. Well, the answer to this question is very simple and straight. No, there is no need to be progressive for Bitcoin. Because it works on blocks. One after other blocks make their blockchain. This bitcoin is unavoidable and can’t be regulated as well. Although each motto is true in its way and also will survive in the long run. However, if we reverse the question that would be “Do progressives need Bitcoin” then what will be the scenario? So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you can click on this link.

Do progressives need bitcoin?

However, the question now becomes more complicated as its affirmation is quite difficult. And what remains to conclude in it is to become an answer full of confidence that would clarify that Bitcoin doesn’t need progressives. Well, indeed, bitcoin doesn’t need progressives but it is also true that we should think about bitcoin we have to be careful.

Shortening the long run

It is clear from past and present scenarios that Bitcoin will ultimately lead to a successive path. It is also sure that the moral support of liberals and those who had been left for just political range, although there was no necessity of it still is however very important. Even though we know very well that Bitcoin is inevitable in the long run in the crypto market but still there could be such a terrible time between the present and future time durations. Although those moments can be overcome by exploring the adoption, innovation, and advertising of independent ones across the globe. Or other scenarios can be unnecessary political arguments between different governments and their perspectives in the long run. However, time will go on and one day everybody will understand the work of Satoshi Nakamoto’s innovations before the stack gets passed along to our next upcoming young generation.

However, some Bitcoiners do not play to align in political directions. This is how they do not support our work as well. They used to think about Bitcoin as the currency just to remind us that Bitcoin is money for enemies. However, the logic is baseless but the significance of it is that it makes all the currencies into good money to fulfil everyone’s needs. Moreover, it is also critical to learn that in a true sense, no Bitcoiners is your opponent. Although left and right ones may argue about everything else, we must connect when it comes to Bitcoin, because doing so delivers our best possibility to supersede our recent strategy before the end of the long duration.

Overhaul the System

Like many people, the basic point is that Bitcoin is a kind of money that is available to everyone. In the same scenario, those people who want control over the currency system are starting their fight against Bitcoin and while they pursue it, they will fight hard as well. Although some Bitcoiners are very sure that Bitcoin got banned, that does not matter because people will easily shift to other places where it is not banned. However, if Bitcoin becomes illegal in some countries or even in States within the United States, it would be very crucial to see how hard jurisdictional arbitrage is in proceedings.  Those who are filled with much more money and have good contacts can migrate to other countries very easily where bitcoin trading is easy and routine.


Despite the above discussion, the best outcome for those who wish to maintain a status quo for the public is to watch Bitcoin as a right vs left issue, something else to split people while those in payment continues to profit from the recent strategies. Nowadays, there is a little bit of liberalization for politicians who continuously endeavor to defeat political points by crashing Bitcoin. However, If the strategy verifies success over time, others will add their voices to the chorus.