Potholes in the Spotlight

12th December 2017

Fed up Brits are finding ever more creative ways of highlighting the UK’s growing pot hole problem.

Now car leasing giant Leasecar.uk has put together a list of applause-worthy efforts from rubber duck swimming pools to fake road signs, all designed to draw attention to unsightly pot holes in UK roads.

The stunts were all successful in highlighting the problem and encouraging the local councils to repair unsightly roads quickly.

A spokesperson for Leasecar.uk said: “Potholes can be dangerous. They can damage cars and many drivers will swerve to avoid them.

“We understand that many local authorities are strapped for cash and pot holes can come pretty far down the list of priorities but as a motoring organisation we feel it’s important to maintain road quality for both drivers and pedestrians.

“These three examples show just how creative we Britons can be when it comes to highlighting the issue of potholes. We think it’s wonderful when the public find creative ways to send a message to councils that roads need to be maintained.”

Here are Leasecar.uk’s favourite three pothole highlighters:

  1. When the villagers of Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire, had a puddle duck party in the great road craters outside their local pub after accusing local officials of ‘ducking the issue’.

(Photo credit – Twitter – @GrundyOxford)

  1. A Gloucestershire pothole vigilante got creative and made fake road signs to shame their local council into sorting crumbling road surfaces.

Their escapades included changing a ‘No Road Markings’ warning to read ‘No Road, Just Holes’ and she even went as far as having a sign made saying ‘CAUTION THIRD WORLD ROADS AHEAD” after nearly ten villagers experienced car damage due to potholes in the area.

(Photo credit – Wilts Glos Standard)

In Swanage, potholes were circled with ‘FIX ME’ written next to them on a particularly bad stretch of road. The culprit remains anonymous and the county council explained that the potholes had been identified for repair.

(Photo credit – Bournemouth Echo)

The spokesman for car leasing giant Leasecar.uk continued: “While there have been many attempts to resolve potholes in the UK, there will inevitably be problem areas in all locations to remain aware of.

“Looking after your car is something everyone strives to do for both safety and comfort, so understandably people are frustrated when potholes crop up causing damage to vehicles through no fault of their own.

“Our best advice is to try and take alternate routes to avoid problem areas and always check your vehicle if you feel that any damage has been caused by contact with a rough road surface. It’s important for safety reasons to check the condition of your tyres regularly too.”