Pothole ‘EPIDEMIC’ costs £1M a month

12th May 2018
New research reveals that the pothole ‘epidemic’ is costing UK motorists and insurers £1m a month. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at Confused.com says:

“The latest pothole count has surged due to the snowy conditions we experienced earlier in the year, creating treacherous road conditions and making a major dent in drivers’ pockets.

“No doubt this will lead to a wave of drivers making claims for damage from their local council, leaving even less money which can be spent on repairing road surfaces. Drivers claimed for £3.1 million worth of damage to their vehicles from councils in 2016.

“Drivers are fed up of having a bumpy ride. More than two thirds (69%) of motorists want more to be done to tackle pocketed roads. It’s an area that needs serious investment.

“If drivers do experience a bump in the road, our guide advises how to make your case for damage and report it to their local council before it gets any worse.

“Our research found the true depth of the UK’s pothole problem combined is as deep as the Earth’s upper crust (40,456m) and we’ve visualised this in a scrolling animation so drivers can see just how deep the problem goes in their local area.”