A Southport doorman has been honoured by police after fighting off a drunk man wielding a machete.

Anthony White, a familiar face on the Southport doors, has been recognised by Greater Manchester Police for his bravery and conduct in averting what would have been a horrific attack at a pub in Cheadle.

In fighting off the attacker, Anthony’s hand was injured in such a way that police said he was luckily to have not had it ‘chopped off’

The former Stanley High school pupil will receive a special police bravery award at a glittering ceremony next week for his efforts.

On February 24, Anthony had been seconded from his usual bouncer work outside the clubs of Southport Town Centre to work at the James Watts Pub in Cheadle, Greater Manchester because of an earlier disturbance

Along side him was Philip Ball, Anthony had been managing the door of the pub before the duo were subjected to a horrific machete attack by a disgruntled man who staff had turned away for being drunk earlier that day.

Wearing a balaclava, the male wielded a machete at the duo as he tried to gain entrance to the pub.

Using a combination of nearby chairs and sheer brute force, Anthony and Phil managed to overcome the attacker despite him trying to repeatedly hit them with the machete.

Their actions undoubtedly stopped what could have led to tragic circumstances.

Greater Manchester Police Superintendent Stephen McFarlane praised the pair’s bravery, saying: “I want to bring to attention the brave actions of Philip ball and Anthony White.

“A male wearing a black balaclava and carrying a two foot long machete arrived at the James Watts Public House.

“Philip and Anthony both grabbed chairs to protect themselves as the male attempted to strike them with the machete.

“Between them they managed to push the male from the premises and out of the front door as he continually tried to stirke them.

“Once outside the male had run from the area but was pursued by Philip Ball who managed to push him forward causing him to fall over.

“Both Philip and Anthony were then able to keep him pinned to the floor until police arrived and arrested him.

“Their swift and brave actions resulted in the arrest of an extremely violent offender.

“The actions of Philip and Anthony, on the night in question, should be highly commended. They were confronted with what must have been a very frightening scenario, yet they remained calm and professional, taking the necessary actions to protect themselves and the members of public in the vicinity.

“Both Philip and Anthony should be very proud of themselves, and I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on receiving their awards.”

The brave duo will receive a police bravery award at a ceremony held in Greater Manchester next week.

Back in 2014. 

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