Popular Southport Burger restaurant defends itself following food poisoning claims

A popular burger joint in Southport has defended itself after a customer claimed she became violently ill from eating there.

A Southport woman  has launched an official complaint to Gourmet Burger Kitchen after she claims she became sick after receiving what she claimed to be a raw chicken burger.

She says: “My sister’s burger looked so lovely and cooked how she liked and I had the chicken burger with camemburt and cranberry sauce, I cut the chicken burger in half noticing it was slightly pink, so I blamed this on the cranberry sauce, when going to my second half I bit into the burger and had to spit out the food as the chicken was completely raw, I looked at the chicken and noticed a blooded piece along with the piece I spat out which was extremely pink and raw. I was nearly sick and in complete shock.”

I told the waitress in privacy and the manager was made fully aware and she gave me a refund for my meal. I accepted this as no further problems had arrised.”

The evening of the meal I started to feel really unwell meaning I had to call an early night saying goodbye to my sister. I arrived home and got straight into bed, moments after I started with hot and cold sweats, nausea and sickness. This had ruined my entire night and ruined my time with my sister.

“I could only put the blame on the food I had eaten.”

A spokesperson for Surefoot Solutions, who investigated the claim, said there was no evidence for the claim: “Given the passage of time, unfortunately the ingredients used in that meal were no longer available for inspection.“

However, I am pleased to say that on the specific day of her visit, 2 other Camembert & Cranberry Chicken Burgers were served with no other reports of illness from customers or staff.

“These were amongst a total of 164 Burgers served that day. Indeed, as the onset time for her illness was quite short, we would certainly expect anyone with symptoms to come forward as the restaurant would likely be the last place they had eaten.

“As you can imagine, with outbreaks of food poisoning, many cases usually present themselves in quick succession, which I am pleased to say has not been the case.

“We therefore have to concede it is also possible that the illness was due to a viral condition present in the external environment. These viruses can have a low infective dose, are easily spread from person to person, especially when in close proximity, and can result in similar symptoms.

“Though at this point I should reiterate that no other complaints of this nature have been reported.”


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