Excelitas Technologies is a renowned global manufacturer and distributor of photoelectric equipment and accessories. The company has manufacturing and distribution centers in various countries, including Hamble Southampton UK. With over thirty years of existence, Excelitas Technologies has been leading in innovations to improve the safety and efficiency of photoelectric devices. Currently, the company has more than 5000 workers. This is after acquiring manufacturing companies such as Qioptic and Omnicure, which were significant players in the industry. Products manufactured by Ecelitas are applicable in various industries. These include the military as well as in the medical field. Here are some products manufactured by the company.

Defense Optronics

Optronics is the study and application of electronic devices that can source, detect, and manipulate light to give electric current. Defense optronics refers to devices that use light detection and manipulation for military purposes. Excelitas is among the leading defense optronics manufacturer with the capabilities to execute missile seeker assemblies. Many security agencies trust the company for their field-proven excellence in the manufacture of missile domes, optics, and camera assemblies. Other defense optronic solutions offered by Excelitas include above-and below armor in battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The company also provides laser designator optics for soldiers, vehicles, and airborne targeting applications.

Medical Displays And Monitoring Systems

Many medical institutions have embraced wireless displays to reduce the risk of accidents and infections in operating rooms. Excelitas is known to provide some of the best medical grade video equipment throughout the country. Medical monitors and displays are used to diagnose internal infections or monitor recovery of damaged internal organs. In the operating room, they are used to observe the operation of areas that might be hard to see by the surgeons. Medical monitors are distributed by Excelitas, depending on the clients’ needs. The monitors might be meant for body scanner displays or microscopic observations. Other than video equipment, Excelitas offers a wide range of medical fiber optic cables. Fiber optic cables also referred to as light guides, are used to direct light to an individual’s internal organs. Medical fiber optic cables are fitted with a light source at the end. The light source illuminates the internal organs on which the cable is directed.

Light Sources

Excelitas offers a variety of light sources that can be customizable to meet clients’ requirements. These light sources can be applied in different industries ranging from medicine to industrial applications. The company supplies medical-grade light sources that can be used in theaters and other areas within a hospital setting. Lights such sources such as the UVC Disinfection are installed in hospitals to minimize infections. For industrial purposes, Excelitas manufactures light sources for UV curing systems. UV curing systems use ultraviolet light to speed up the curing process of inks and other items in an industrial setting. Other than providing independent light sources, the company also offers integrated systems that aid in the effective usage of the light sources.

The Excelitas manufacturing and distribution facility in Hamble Southampton UK is responsible for innovating, manufacturing, and distributing photonic products within Europe. The company is accredited by relevant authorities, making it a trusted distributor.