UPDATE Poor care from Mears Care Ltd

A Southport family whose elderly mother is receiving four home care visits a day following five weeks in hospital wants to let the public know what kind of care their failing 85-year-old mother is receiving from Mears care Ltd Aintree.  The patient in question is housebound and can only walk a few steps with a zimmer frame. She suffers with a heart condition, partial blindness and other complications to name a few.

Family members complained to Mears after just a few days into a six week care package.

Carers failed to give proper medication at specific times of the day.

Carers failed to show up for a visit.

Carers left the front door unlocked when leaving after a night visit.

Carers left a commode full over night.

Carers emptied a commode with gloves on then made breakfast with the same gloves on.

Cares failed to dress the elderly patient and the list goes on.

When a family member contacted the Mears care manager they were told the care received was free of charge.

The Mears website it states:  Mears Home Care leads the way in flexible home care services for elderly people and those loved ones requiring extra support to continue living in familiar surroundings in comfort at home. From help cooking and cleaning, to medication or shopping, our friendly, vetted carers offer dependable domiciliary care. (Not in this case!)

UPDATE: Sunday 7th October 2012

Mears carer forgot to give patient Warfrin medication on Saturday 6th Ocrtober 2012

Watch this space………………

UPDATE: Monday 8th October 2012

Mears carers forgot to empty the patient’s commode between 10am – 8:30pm (during two visits). 



UPDATE: Monday 15h October 2012

Mears now sending two carers each visit instead of one. Family very greatful.

UPDATE: Tuesday 16th October 2012

Two people believed to be from Social Services, not 100% sure as they did not leave a card (Male & Female) arrived at the patients house unannounced and ask the 85-year-old lady her thoughts on the story being on the internet.  This question and other questions were asked to the frail lady without a family member present or even asked to be present. Considering the patient had a nasty fall the previous day and needed hospital treatment for a cut head and a leg injury the family think it very inconsiderate of them to question their mother at all.  The visit was cut short due to a hospital appointment when ambulance staff called to the house.

Injury of patient below had nothing to do with Mears.


UPDATE: FRIDAY  19h October 2012

NHS Ambulance failed to pick up patient for 2:20pm hospital appointment (Friday) at Warfarin Clinic.  Patient taken by family member, hospital had no record of out patient pick-up but had pick-up down for next Tuesday.   As you can see below appointment clearly states 19th October 2:20pm


UPDATE: SUNDAY  21st October 2012

Medication found on kitchen floor (pictured below) which was intended for patient. This was to be given to the patient by a carer on Saturday 20th but accidently fell out of blister pack unknown to the carer. It was thrown in the bin by a carer on Sunday 21st.


UPDATE: MONDAY 22nd October 2012

Carers forgot to give patient her eye drops on Sunday evening even though the patient suffers from glaucoma.

UPDATE: Wed 24 October 2012

Four weeks extra free care offered to patient because of circunstances . Family appreciate offer.

UPDATE: Saturday 27th  October 2012

Things soon get back to normal.    AGAIN  Medication found on kitchen floor (pictured below) which was intended for patient. This was to be given to the patient by a carer sometime on Saturday 27th but accidently fell out of blister pack unknown to the carer. Medication NOT given. 


UPDATE: Friday 2nd November 2012

Friday 2nd November 2012 Teatime visit. Patient at DGH appointment between 3:30pm – 5.15pm. Carers call for teatime visit at 5pm ish but patient not home till 5:15 so carers leave.  The patient was left without teatime food and medication until night time call over three hours later.

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