Pontins branded “worst place I have ever been” in viral TikTok

26th May 2022

A mum from Wales who booked a holiday with her family to the infamous Ainsdale Pontins holiday park has shared her horror holiday experience.

A live ant nest, mould, rotting balcony supports, constantly flashing lights and dilapidated structures were the order of the day for Welsh mum Zayna Owen and her family when they stayed at the Ainsdale Pontins Holiday Park in April of this year.

Mrs Owen shared her unpleasant experience on social media site TikTok and it’s currently reached nearly 20,000 views as well as receiving thousands of shares.

Zayna’s caption on the video said it was “probably the worst place I have ever been“.

She defended her original decision to book the camp, saying “We just went off the Pontins website which made us think it was great.

“People who go there don’t know how bad it is. If I knew it was this bad I never would have gone. Thank god it was easy to escape.”

The much-maligned holiday camp was forced to change its internal procedures last year after it was revealed that it held a list of “undesireable” surnames, often connected to Irish and travelling communities, who were often refused bookings.

Replying in the comments, one user said: “Time for it to close forever and demolish the lot” while another said: “we’re absolutely ashamed this is in our town. It’s nickname is HMP Ainsdale