Police warn Ainsdale residents to be aware of ‘porch poachers’

Police are asking residents to make sure their properties and cars are secure after reports of two men trying to target porch doors in Ainsdale.

It follows an incident on Sunday evening when two men were caught in the grounds of a property on Liverpool Road just after 7.30pm.

One of the males was witnessed attempting to gain access via a porch door while the second male was seen looking into the inside of a parked car at the property.

The resident who caught the pair said “ive Just caught two lads on my driveway, Liverpool road Ainsdale, one in my car and one trying the porch.

“Both dressed in black and one with a black cap on. Police have been informed.

“Please be vigilant. This was 730pm, blinds wide open and I’m sat on the couch. Heard their voices before I saw them! No worries from them about being quiet!”