Police respond to social media video involving youths on Chapel Street

23rd August 2018

Police respond to social media video involving youths on Chapel Street.

Merseyside police are aware from elsewhere on social media, of reports of an incident involving a group of youths on Chapel Street, Southport on the evening of Tuesday 21st August.

Some comments refer to assaults and other disorder taking place, while others have stated that people involved can be named and may have been responsible for other incidents in previous weeks.

No complaint of assault on Chapel Street at this time was received by Merseyside Police. The area is monitored by CCTV and no assault was captured on CCTV. If you were the victim of a crime at this time, and know of any evidence to support an investigation, you should report it on social media either on Facebook at MERSEYSIDE POLICE CC or on Twitter @MerPolCC
Alternatively, dial 101 to report crime after the fact.


If you have previously been a victim of crime of an individual that you believe can be identified from mobile phone footage of this group of individuals, then please contact us via the same methods, with your crime number, so that your crime can be re-opened for further investigation.

It is important to understand that naming people on social media is not part of the legal process, and could even compromise an investigation. If you have information about a crime or the person responsible then pass that information to the police before posting it on social media, so that an investigation can begin. If you do not wish to give your name, then report what you know via CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111.