Detectives are investigating claims of dangerous road racing after two cars were involved in a life threatening smash in Southport last night.

Residents of the quiet Mill Road area of Ainsdale were stunned as their peaceful evening was shattered as a car collided out of control into parked vehicles on the street.

One resident was moments from being struck by the car after it smashed into his van.

The driver is understood to have lost control of their vehicle after being earlier seen allegedly speeding in a road race against a black Vauxhall Corsa throughout Ainsdale.

The resultant smash resulted in a parked van being completely written off.

The furious owner of the van said “the car spun out of control and skidded across the road after trying to avoid another car.

“It slammed into my parked van then spun around three times and landed the opposite way. Three minutes earlier I was loading the van.”

Police and emergency services were called to the scene shortly after 8.30pm and the driver of the suspect vehicle was detained by stunned witnesses while police were called, before being transferred to Southport Hospital.

Residential CCTV reportedly shows the car being driven at high speed through other residential streets nearby before the accident.