Police Clamp down on drivers who disregard road traffic signs and signals in Southport

5th March 2015

A number of drivers were stopped in London Street, Southport today (Thursday 6 January) as part of the current Merseyside Police road safety campaign targeting drivers who disregard road traffic signs and signals.

Putting lives at risk

Merseyside Police want to drive home to motorists the dangers of rushing through traffic lights just as they change to amber, or deliberately flouting red traffic signals and road signs. These acts are a major contributory factor in many road traffic collisions involving death or serious injury and each time you do not take into account a traffic sign or signal you are putting, not only your own life, but also the lives of others at risk.

Merseyside Police will continue to clamp down on any motorist seen flouting the road traffic signs and signals, and send the message-You will be caught!


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