Police chief praises hero officers after Mersey rescue 

The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police has paid tribute to the bravery of three police dog handlers and three police community support officers (PCSOS) who saved a man who had jumped into the River Mersey.

The incident happened while dog handlers were running a training exercise near the Echo Arena. Two police officers became aware that an elderly man had fallen into the river. The three PCSO’s and a further Police dog handler then ran to help.

 Chief Constable Andy Cooke said: “The three police officers and the three Travel Safe PCSOs, Jamie Morris, Adam Watson and Mark Griffiths, responded quickly and bravely at considerable personal risk. “As I understand it, the man was in sinking sand and didn’t want to be helped. Despite that, the officers got the man to safety.

 “Conditions were very dangerous and I’d like to pay tribute to the dog handlers and the PCSOs who put themselves in harm’s way to rescue a member of the public in challenging circumstances.”

 Adam Watson, one of the PCSOs who rushed to help his colleagues, said: “We soon realised that this incident was serious because we were being flagged down by numerous members of the public who were all extremely concerned.

 “We looked across and could see a man some distance out with the tide coming in and water washing over him. We then noticed two police officers on the sand making their way out. The officers were struggling with him in the water and quicksand and needed further assistance.

 “There was no time to think of our safety as the member of the public and our colleagues needed our help. On entering the sand, it instantly sunk to our knees. All we could see was these officers with the man on the sandbank.