Letter to OTS news Editor
Since the demise of the Plough Hotel, Rufford Road, Crossens the only remaining landmark is the two ploughs located on the roundabout.
The two ploughs which were apparently donated to Sefton Council by a farming family from the Banks area have stood the test of time but are now in need of some general maintenance with a lick of paint and re-bolting into the correct position a priority. The Meols Ward councillors which have almost £15.000 lying dormant in Area Committee funds have been approached regarding having this work done and financed from the local area funding.
The councillors contacted Sefton Council to pursue this and obtain a quote which was an amazing £845 and curiously exactly the same price previously quoted for maintenance to the horse and cart on the Weld Road roundabout by the same company.
The Meols Ward councillors decided they could not justify spending this excessive amount so the ploughs will have to remain in their current dilapidated state unless a local firm can come to the rescue and refurbish them at a more realistic price.

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