Pleasureland to raise money for Botanic cleanup campaign

12th June 2021

Pleasureland will open its doors to the Southport community tomorrow to raise money for the Make a Change for Ben Campaign.

The campaign is in memory of Ben Crallan-Smith and aims to raise money to clean up Botanic Gardens lake.

Norman Wallis, owner of Pleasureland, is going to let Southport residents in free of charge on Sunday for a donation towards the campaign.

Ben fell into Botanic Gardens lake in 2018 and at the time he had an open wound on his leg. The infection that resulted from being submerged in the water caused a domino effect of complications which ended in his life being taken.

Ben’s family acknowledge that these circumstances are rare but believe that the cleaning of the lake should be made a priority by Sefton Council.

A flow needs to be facilitated to reduce the stagnant body of water, for the safety of both visitors and wildlife.

Norman has given his support to this campaign and hopes that the community will get behind it and enjoy a day out at Pleasureland at the same time!

To receive this offer, you must come to the Stage Door, next to Pleasureland’s entrance and show proof that you live in Southport with a utility bill or similar.

A minimum donation of £10 per person is requested which will be collected by people from Ben’s campaign team.

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