Cllr Terry Jones: true to his Conservative Party or not?

OTS recently highlighted the crude, unprofessional, conduct coming from the Woodvale WACA charity via its new Chair, Alison Marshall.

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Ms Marshall, unapologetic, went on to seek sympathy on her Facebook page, following her self-inflicted and very childlike blunder. This was strangely supported by Ainsdale’s Cllr Terry Jones, who quipped

“Those that do are the ones that have lived a failed and miserable existance. And they try their best to pull others down to their own sad pathetic level.”

Another poster quickly added,

“Like Cameron you mean? “

Rather than defend his own Party Leader David Cameron from this offensive and critical anti-Conservative snipe, Terry Jones, actually ‘liked’ it…

Conservatives are therefore confused about this man’s real political agenda.

Following additional sympathy – seeking from the WACA chair, Cllr Jones then went on to make bizarre quips about “evil”.

Terry Jones “Alison, that’s what they want. You give a lot to the community while they are full of negativity and spite. The community centre gives so much to many in Woodvale and the majority know and appreciate it. You have got to ask how sad are their pathetic evil lives to be trawling people’s personal FB pages to pull Woodvale and its volunteers down.”

Terry Jones and his somewhat peculiar advice to this woman will be seen by many more professional people as inflammatory and controversial.

Who exactly is Cllr Jones actually calling “evil?” Perhaps he can enlarge upon this abnormal allegation?

Jones happily sees offensive Facebook comments as acceptable, yet criticises OTS News for fairly highlighting an issue, which may well have resulted in serious disciplinary procedures in many quarters. Is this not the height of political and private hypocrisy? Nevertheless, is this the type of conduct Conservative voters can expect from their local Tory representative, who is frequently undetectable to the electorate until, that is, an election is called?

More importantly perhaps, is Cllr Jones true to his Conservative Party or not?


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The dubious Facebook posts are now publicly available on this particular thread and have been questioned by many Southport residents and professionals as ‘inappropriate’ and ‘highly unprofessional’ for a community charity chairperson (who deals with families and young children) and a Conservative chief. Are these persons well-suited to hold these trusted positions that they are in, or are they just in it for a bit of a light-hearted laugh?

Voters (and charity funders) naturally have a right to know that truth!

It would seem that some people are their own worst enemies at times and this on-going fiasco may be a classic example!


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