Schools and community groups across Sefton are invited to plant “Jubilee Trees” in honour of Her Majesty for the Diamond Jubilee. As these trees mature they will provide a permanent reminder of her service to our country, while at the same time enhancing the landscape and the environment of our area as part of The Mersey Forest.

Sefton CVS, Sefton MBC and The Mersey Forest, in partnership with Woodland Trust, will coordinate the project for Sefton. The cost of an individual tree for the Jubilee is £20. The trees will be of a size suitable, not too big that they are unmanageable, nor too small so that they are not seen.

If you choose to plant a Jubilee Tree you will:

·         Be invited to the opening ceremony at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 24th November 2012

·         Have your tree included in a Book of Merseyside Jubilee Planting, to be presented to the Queen by the Lord Lieutenant

·         Have the opportunity for the High Sheriff or one of the Lord Lieutenant’s deputies to come along to mark the planting of your tree

·         Have support and advice provided by The Mersey Forest team and Sefton MBC Parks & Green Space Team

·         We are aware that people may not have space/land to plant a tree, therefore we would be able to offer a sites for your tree in one of the Parks and /or green spaces in Sefton( with permission from Sefton MBC). Care will need to be taken to choose an appropriate tree for the space available.

Tree planting for the Jubilee can take place anytime between 24th November 2012 and 3rd February 2013.

If you would like to be involved, please complete the attached registration form and return it to Vicky Keeley at If you have any issues, please contact Vicky on 01704 501024 ext 206.

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