Mr Lee Coates has submitted the following plans for a new cask and craft beer shop on Manor Road 

The area of Churchtown is highly residential with a very uninspiring cask and craft beer selection and with the demand for artisan ales, and good quality cask beer of varying strengths on a dramatic rise, we believe Stocks can cater for these needs.

Southport has a diverse population, from young adults to families and the retired, therefore we will be open throughout the day and evening, so not only can we supply cask ale for those retired during the day – 89% of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) members are over 30 years of age – we can supply the more craft beer focussed age group (young adults) with bottled and keg beers after their standard nine to five working hours.

Stocks will be decorated to stay in-keeping with the surrounding area and history, as evidenced in the name and logo, and will offer old tavern style pictures of Chuchtown, literature and old pub style games. As a free house, we will have no restrictions on what we can stock or serve so therefore the products we are able to sell will vary from traditional bitters to new age sours to strong pale ales and we look forward to actively encourage shopping locally and hope to contribute to the area as a whole.



We aim to sell a variety of high quality bottled beers, cask ales and keg beers for consumption on the premises and for take away. Our beers will be sourced from around the globe, received by regular deliveries or through personal pick up from the surrounding counties.


About Us

Lee (owner & licensee) currently holds ten years experience in the hospitality industry, with particular interest in the real ale sector, and has had managerial roles at a number of pubs and bars.


The Need

Recently, we’ve witnessed an explosion within the craft beer community. And we believe this is still just the beginning. As we’ve seen with food, the general public are becoming increasingly interested in where their products are sourced and how they’re made, and subsequently, are beginning to buy local well crafted products from knowledgable staff.

Our experience tells us that the customer base for craft beer is rapidly increasing, and not only are they willing to make the effort to find higher quality products, they are also looking for the right atmosphere to consume them in.

The age of the big brewery run pubs are coming to an end and the public are actively choosing more intimate venues that have their own individual characteristics to socialise and to drink in. This is evident in the success of the two similar establishments in Southport town centre and the many taprooms that are currently in operation in Greater Manchester where we are currently based.

We also believe that Churchtown still has a lot to offer. Growing up in the area, we were saddened to witness the decline of such a beautiful area of Southport, however, we are buoyed by its potential resurgence due to the number of independent shops and cafes now opening up nearby.

Stocks will fit in perfectly with the blueprint of Churchtown as it will look to join in with the flourishing independent shops while remaining true to the area’s history and community spirit.


Our Services

Our main intention is to source the highest quality bottled beer, with particular attention on local brews, and retail them for either take-away or consumption on the premises at very competitive prices. We will also have two or three cask lines in operation as well as at least five keg lines, which gives the consumer the opportunity



to not only sit in the premises as they peruse our bottle selection, but to sample ale at its freshest – straight from the barrel.

We will endeavour to be at the forefront of industry changes and constantly look to improve our inventory as craft beer trends continue to develop and alter.

There will also be a basic stock of soft drinks, wines and hot drinks for consumption in the premises alone to cater for those who don’t wish to drink beer or are with young children.

Opening hours:

Monday : Closed
Tuesday: 1:30pm – 10:30pm (take away available until 11pm) Wednesday: 1:30pm – 10:30pm (take away available until 11pm) Thursday: 1:30pm – 10:30pm (take away available until 11pm) Friday: 1:30pm – 11:30pm (take away available until 12am) Saturday: 1:30pm – 11:30pm (take away available until 12am) Sunday: 1:30pm – 10:30pm (take away available until 11pm)


The Market

Presently, Churchtown has two large pubs upon the village green – The Hesketh Arms and The Bold Arms. Both of these pubs are part of a larger corporation, Vintage Inn and John Barras Pub Company respectively, and therefore have restrictions on the beer they can stock.

The Hesketh Arms main focus is on fine pub dining and currently has three cask lines and a number of keg lines. The three cask lines available are of a constant product by large breweries and tend to be session ales of between 3.5% and 4.5%. The keg lines are predominantly commercial lagers, ciders and stout (Guinness).

The Bold Arms has five cask lines and upon our last visit, four were from the same Cheshire based brewery. Again, these were mainly between 3.5% and 4.5%. They are a more budget-focussed pub with cheaper meals, often part of a meal deal, and sell commercial lagers, ciders and stout, as well as widely available bottled beers.

There is also a small deli a few doors down the road, Churchtown Deli, which has a large focus on different wines, cheeses, meats and biscuits/crackers. Currently, they sell bottled beer from only one brewery, Southport brewery, but that is clearly a minority as their focus lies with stocking a vast amount of different wine.

In Southport town centre, there are two similar establishments, The Inn Beer Shop on Lord Street and Tap & Bottles in Cambridge Arcade. Their popularity is clear to see and have been a revelation in the town centre. Their stock range is limited to easily accessible wholesalers and local deliveries – apart from The Inn Beer Shop who stock an impressive range of German beers due to contacts in Germany – and therefore a large market of bottled beer from further afield is currently untouched in Southport.


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