Planned roadworks in the North West – Monday 20 to Sunday 26 February 2017

18th February 2017

Planned roadworks in the North West– summary for Monday 20 to Sunday 26 February 2017

The following summary of planned new and ongoing road improvements over the coming week is correct as of Friday 17 February and could be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. All our improvement work is carried out with the aim of causing as little disruption as possible. Drivers looking for roadworks information (such as overnight carriageway closures) for individual schemes should now visit Some of our larger schemes have project pages giving other information. These can now be accessed from a dedicated regional page:

M53 junction 1 to junction 2 (Wallasey to Upton)

Work to upgrade the safety barrier in the central reservation between junctions 1 and 2 on the M53 started on Monday 6 February. Lane closures will be in place overnight, with some full carriageway closures later in the project. The scheme is expected to take around a month to complete.

M53 junction 9 to junction 10 

Overnight, 10pm to 5am, Monday to Friday work to renew the safety barrier in the central reservation will start on Monday (20 February) for 5 weeks.  This work will require overnight carriageway closures with clearly signed diversion in place.

M56 junction 10 to junction 11 (Stretton to Preston Brook)

Work to upgrade the safety barrier and paint new road markings on the M56 near Warrington started on Monday 30 January. Lane closures will be in place overnight between 8pm and 5am, Monday to Friday. The project is due to be completed by the end of March.

M6 junction 16 to junction 19 (Cheshire smart motorway)

Work is underway to upgrade the M6 to a smart motorway between Crewe and Knutsford, converting the hard shoulder to an extra lane and introducing new variable speed limits. Narrow lanes and a temporary 50mph speed limit are in place for the safety of drivers and workers.

M6 junction 19 (Knutsford) roundabout resurfacing

A £75,000 project to resurface the junction roundabout will be delivered overnight during week nights over the next 2 weeks.  The work will start on Monday night (20 February) with nightly overnight closures of the roundabout between 10pm and 5am.

M6 Junction 21 and junction 21a (cycle improvements with A574 Birchwood Way)

We’re improving pedestrian and cyclist access across the M6 with improvements to the existing overbridge and along the bridge’s links with the A574 Birchwood Way.   The project will also improve the bridge parapet.  Works started today (Friday 17 February) for 2 weeks.  Cycleway improvement work is taking place between 9.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday, requiring the closure of the footway along the southern side of the A574 Birchwood Way with a localised pedestrian diversion route.  A lane closure will also be required on the A574 Birchwood Way westbound carriageway between the same hours.   Bridge improvement works will follow between 10pm and 4am, Monday to Friday.  The M6 between junction 21 and junction 21a will be closed overnight on Thursday (23 February) and Friday 3 March (both northbound only) and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (20, 21, 22 February) and Wednesday and Thursday 1 and 2 March (all southbound).  Clearly-signed diversions will be in place.

M6 junction 21a and /M62 junction 10 (Croft Interchange) 

Construction work on a major project to tackle congestion and improve the flow of traffic between the M6 and M62 at Croft Interchange has now started.   While the work is taking place, a 50 mph speed limit, backed by average speed cameras, will be in place along main carriageways of both the M6 and M62 and interchange link roads. Some overnight slip road closures will also take place.

M6 junction 26 to junction 27 (Orrell to Wigan)

We’re renewing the boundary fence and carrying out drainage repairs in the verge alongside the northbound M6 between Junctions 26 and junction 27 in a 2 week project that starts on Monday (20 February). The work is taking place between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

M6 junction 33 to junction 32 (Lancaster to M55 interchange)

Resurfacing work on the southbound carriageway started on Monday 6 February. 2 lanes will remain open during the day and 1 lane will remain open overnight. The scheme is due to be completed by early March.

M6 junction 34 Lancaster

Lancashire County Council’s new link road between junction 34 of the M6 and Heysham has now opened but finishing work will require lane and hard shoulder closures along the M6 through junction 34 to continue for the time being.

M6 junction 34 to junction 35 (carriageway and drainage repairs) 

Overnight drainage and carriageway repairs along the northbound carriageway between Lancaster and Carnforth started on Monday (13 February).   Drivers can expect lane – but no full carriageway – closures between 8pm and 6am each night until Friday (24 February).

M6 junction 39 to junction 38, north of Tebay Services

Resurfacing is taking place north of Tebay Services with 1 lane closed during the day and 2 lanes closed overnight on the southbound carriageway. The work is due to be completed by March and a temporary 50mph speed limit in place.

M6 junction 45 to junction 44 (Gretna Green to Carlisle)

Resurfacing work is taking place on the southbound M6 overnight with 1 lane remaining open to traffic. The scheme is due to be completed by the end of February.

M60 junction 8 to M62 junction 20 (Sale to Rochdale)

A major smart motorway scheme is taking place to cut congestion and improve journey times on parts of the M60 and the M62 in Greater Manchester. The scheme involves overnight slip road and carriageway closures, with narrow lanes and a temporary 50mph speed limit in place for the safety of drivers and road workers. Details on overnight closures are available here:

M66 junction 1 to junction 4 (Ramsbottom to Simister Island) 

Resurfacing work is continuing and 4 nights of closures of the southbound carriageway between junction 1 and junction 2 are scheduled to take place before Friday (24 February) between 9pm and 5am – with clearly signed diversions in place.  The scheme is due to be completed by March.

A5103 Princess Parkway

Drainage repairs along the northbound exit slip road from the A5103 onto the M60 will start on Monday (20 February) with one lane of the slip road closed and re-positioning of the bus stop.   Work will take place in several phases between 8am and 6pm and midnight and 5am.

A556 Knutsford to Bowdon

Construction work to provide a £192 million dual carriageway linking junction 19 of the M6 at Knutsford and junction 7 of the M56 at Bowdon, has entered a final phase with the first of 3 full weekend closures of the motorway junctions and the old A556 taking place from 9pm tonight on Friday (17 February) until 5am on Monday (20 February). Routine overnight A556 – 9pm to 5am – closures will continue on weekdays next week and include the northbound between Mere and Bowdon roundabout, southbound between Bowdon roundabout and Bucklow Hill and all M56 slip roads at junction 7 and 8.  Overnight traffic travelling between the A56 Lymm and A56 Dunham roads will be managed by temporary traffic lights overnight.

A585 West Drive to Fleetwood Cycleway

Work is taking place on a new shared footpath and cycleway between West Drive and Fleetwood. Narrow lanes and a temporary 30mph speed limit are being used along the route to help provide a safe space for workers constructing the new shared paths. Work will take place between 7am and 7pm each day with occasional overnight work. The project is due to be completed by the end of March.

A590 Lindal in Furness

Work is being carried out to tackle flooding between Pennington Lane and Bank End Cottages.  24hr temporary traffic lights are now in place until late March.

A595 Egremont

Repairs are taking place to the safety barriers adjacent to Wyndham Place on the A595 and are due to be completed by the end of February. A contraflow system is in place on the southern approach to the Main Street/East Road roundabout.   Traffic management for the project will be removed next week with a full overnight closure of the carriageway – between 8pm and 6am – on Tuesday night, February 21.

A66 Bassenthwaite Lake

A contraflow system is in place while work is carried out on the embankment in the central reservation next to Bass Lake. The scheme is due to be completed in the spring.

A66 Thornthwaite (Osprey Site)

Flood resilience work is continuing. Full overnight – 8pm to 6am – closures of the carriageway nightly until the end of March started on Monday 6 February.  Clearly-signed diversions are in place. During the day, Temporary traffic lights are in place along with a 40mph speed limit.

A66 Marron Bridge

Maintenance is underway on Marron Bridge, between Broughton Cross and Bridgefoot.  Nightly overnight – 9pm to 5am – closures, with a clearly-signed diversion are in place.  Due to the temporary bridging plates, a 30mph speed limit backed by speed cameras is required during the day. The project is due to be completed by March.

A66 Brough

Resurfacing and drainage work is taking place on the eastbound carriageway at Brough. Overnight lane closures will be in place, between 8pm and 6am, with traffic led through the roadworks by a contractor’s vehicle. There will also be some lane closures in place during the day.

A665 Bury Old Road 

A scheme is taking place to upgrade the safety barriers on the A665 bridge on Bury Old Road over the M60 near junction 17 (Whitefield). The work will be carried out between 8.30am and 11pm, Monday to Friday, with temporary traffic lights and lane closures in place from 6.30pm. Some overnight and weekend working may also be required. The Kenilworth Avenue junction with Bury Old Road will be closed throughout the scheme, with a diversion in place. The project is due to be completed by March.