IN PICTURES | £260,000 Southport Cannabis Farm

11th October 2018

IN PICTURES | £260,000 Southport Cannabis Farm

Officers from our specialist Cannabis Dismantling Team (CDT) have seized a cannabis farm with an estimated value of £260,000 following a warrant in Southport yesterday, Wednesday 10 October.

At around 8.05am, officers carried out a warrant at a house on Haig Avenue and found a cannabis farm of approximately 65 plants and other equipment, following a search. Enquiries are ongoing to identify those responsible.

CDT Manager Matt Brown said: “We find cannabis and cannabis farms in many different ways, and this incident should remind people to remain vigilant and recognise some of the signs that cannabis is being grown or stored on your street, perhaps even next door.

“Do the right thing and help us remove the threat that these premises represent, both as a fire and flood risk, and as an attractor for violence and firearms. We take cannabis from the hands of criminals on a daily basis, which helps make your streets safer from this associated serious and organised crime.

“Every plant the police seize represents money being taken from the pockets of criminals and I’d encourage the public to keep telling us where these farms are so we can take action.”

Some of the signs that cannabis is being grown are:

• Strange smells and sounds
• Frequent and varied visitors to a property, often at unusual times
• Gardening equipment being taken into a property, such as plant pots, fertiliser, fans and industrial lighting
• Windows are sealed and covered or the curtains are permanently closed
• Heat from an adjoining property
• Birds gathering on a roof in cold weather
• Individually these activities may seem commonplace, however, together may indicate something more sinister

Anyone with any information can contact our social media desk on @MerPolCC, or @CrimestoppersUK, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.