Picking your perfect family home

26th February 2024

Searching for the perfect family home can be difficult, especially if you have a list of non-negotiables. It’s not just about the house – it’s important to take the local area, amenities and transportation into account.

In this article, we’ll be helping families narrow down their search for the perfect home. Your new property should meet the needs of you and your family now and in years to come.

Local amenities

It certainly matters what local amenities you have near your potential new home. Ensure to list the ones that are most important to you as this can help you decide where you make your next big move.

If you have young children, you’ll want to be located within the catchment area of well-rated schools to ensure they receive a quality education. You should also scope out the nearest supermarkets so you can see how far you’ll need to travel to do the weekly shop.

Perhaps you don’t drive and rely on public transport. Having convenient transport links nearby will likely be at the top of your priorities if you don’t have a vehicle. Similarly, if health and fitness are a top priority, it’s worth checking if your new home is within easy reach of a local gym.

Making a budget

Whether you’re planning on renting or buying your next home, it’s worth considering how much of the costs associated with your home you can comfortably afford.

You’ll likely have to review your monthly spending habits and make some sacrifices in the early days of moving in. Perhaps the property requires some renovation work, so these costs will need to be factored into the overall house expenses.

New build homes come with high-quality finishes, so you likely won’t need to work on any further renovations. This means your expenses won’t be as costly and your house will already feel like a home.

Ample space

Your new home should have enough room for the family to grow. As children get older, they tend to need more space, so it’s worth factoring this in when deciding on room sizes.

Consider your lifestyle and try to find a home that fits accordingly. Does anyone work from home? If so, they’ll probably need a dedicated office space away from the hustle and bustle of family routine. If you have kids and pets, a large garden will be perfect for them to play around and have fun in.


Local transport availability and reliability are particularly important if you don’t drive. Perhaps you’re looking for an easy commuting route to get to work, or working out how best the kids will get to school.

Having flexible transport on your doorstep can make life so much easier. If you do drive, it’s important to find a property with a spacious drive or on-street parking for convenience.