Petition Launched to Give Churchtown & Crossens Their Own Councils

Residents in Churchtown & Crossens could be the first communities in Southport to gain power from Sefton Council if a petition is successful.

Residents are campaigning for a Churchtown Parish Council and a Crossens Parish Council which could have powers over matters such as Allotments, Leisure facilities, Local youth projects, Community safety schemes, Parks and open spaces, Crime reduction measures, Cycle paths, Community centres, Public lavatories, Street cleaning, Street lighting, Tourism activities, Festivals and celebrations, Markets, Community transport schemes and more.

Unlike on Sefton Council, councillors would be unpaid volunteers and all the money raised by the council would be spent locally, in the relevant area.

Local ward councillors fully support the plan. Councillor John Dodd said “This is a great chance to bring power closer to our communities. Real local decisions taken by the community can help make our villages flourish.”

You can sign the relevant petition using the links below. To sign the petition, you must live in the relevant area.

Churchtown –

Crossens –