Pete promises to keep plaice plastic free!

26th February 2020

A famous Southport fishmonger is urging his customers to ditch plastic and become more environmentally-friendly after seeing the damage done to the sea first-hand off the Sefton coastline.

Kevin Peet, who owns Peets Plaice fish shop in Southport, is a keen fisherman and said that he is ‘saddened’ by the waste he sees while working off the coast of Southport.’

He said: “Plastic needs to go. Sadly, I see a lot of it in the sea off Southport, and elsewhere.

“If the tide is up in the North West, then the plastic comes across here from Blackpool. We should all be trying to clean up our act and we all need to do our own little bit.

“Customers have been coming into our shop recently saying
they have been into shops in the south of the country where they encourage shoppers to call in with their own containers to take away their produce, in a bid to combat plastic waste.

“It sounds like a really good idea so we are going to try it out on Wednesday and if we get a good response, then we will look at bringing it in on a permanent basis