The final phase of the election of Southport’s next MP has started, with people beginning to receive ‘postal vote’ packages through their letter boxes.  Damien Moore’s Conservatives appear to have started to put up a few posters in the town, trying to compete with Lib Dems and Labour

Tactical voting is widely-expected to play a big part in who becomes Southport’s next MP.  So, representatives of numerous organisations who are seeking to deprive Boris Johnson of a working majority have flocked to Southport. 

It is reported on local social media that ‘Peoples Vote’ campaigners from Preston, South Ribble, West Lancs, Sefton Central, Liverpool, Wirral, Widnes, as well as those living in Southport, have flocked to town in support of the official People’s Vote, Remain Alliance and Lib Dem candidate for Southport, John Wright.

Their ranks have been swelled by members of ‘Southport for Europe’, ‘Preston for Europe’, ‘West Lancs for Europe’, ‘Liverpool for Europe’ and ‘Open Britain Sefton’. Meanwhile, members of Liverpool Labour Party have been seen on the Merseyrail