Wetherspoons boss Brexiteer Tim Martin, who recently visited his Southport branches, will be rubbing his hands tonight after Boris Johnson’s government has paid him back for his support with a pocketing of an estimated £883,000 for his troubles.

The government’s announced cuts in business rates for ‘small pubs’ actually includes quite a lot of reasonably large pubs including many many branches of Wetherspoons.

Chancellor Sajid Javid has confirmed that the new Pubs Relief will be introduced in April, with £1,000 being taken off the business rates bills of those ‘small pubs’ who qualify. As many as 18,000 pubs are expected to benefit from the discount. The new pubs relief will apply to those pubs which have a rateable value which is below £100,000 subject to eligibility.

Spoons boss pulls no punches during Southport visit