Southport 24 Hour A&E unit marked for closure

Patients at a physio unit have flagged up concerns that services have been moved from Southport Hospital to Ormskirk Hospital due to ‘winter demands’ – but the NHS have responded, saying that they are ‘freeing up space’ at the ‘most challenging of times.’

Andy Steel, from Churchtown, recently suffered a shoulder injury and was referred for sessions earlier this month at Southport Hospital’s Physiotherapy Unit. But on Friday, December 6, he was called by the Trust who said that all appointments previously assigned to Southport had been transferred across.

He said: “When I was being seen to by the physio- therapist, I asked for the reason of the transfer of services. They told me that, in anticipation of ‘winter demand’ that they were turning Southport Physiotherapy Unit into a ward. I asked, as it was for the seasonal demand, whether it would return back to its original purpose in the New Year.

“They told me that it was permanent – so now Southport Hospital has no Physiotherapy Unit.

“I am fortunate as I have a car; however, public transport to Ormskirk Hospital is not easy for many people; especially those with problems needing physiotherapy. I am annoyed that the Trust can make these decisions without public or employee consultation!”