Photo: Baby April

Warren Chadwick who works at the silcocks group talks exclusively to OTSnews after saving the babys life, Friday 17 April 2015

Warren said:

“I had been on my dinner break and as I went back into the arcade I heard another member of staff shout to me get your gloves!

I got my gloves, put them on and the member off staff told me there is a baby in the toilet!

I ran to the toilet saw a baby upside down in the toilet pan, I could not believe it. I saw movement in babys tummy, pulled the baby out and pat it on the back a few times I then wrapped the baby up and held the baby to my chest as the baby was stone cold.

I shouted ‘call the police and ambulance quick’

I felt so relieved when baby was crying a little, I went to the front door and told member of staff to put the door heater on in attempted to keep baby warm.

The police turned up quickly, I got in the police car with the baby and went to Southport hospital I stayed with baby till she got transferred to Ormskirk.

I felt more upset seeing the baby go to Ormskirk alone but I knew she was in safe hands.

I am just glad she was alive I think another 10 minutes and it may have been a different story”.


Officers are now very keen to trace the April’s mother.

The birth appears to have been unsupervised so the woman may need medical help.

Detective Inspector Mike Dalton, said: “Our primary concern is for the health of the girl’s mother. She is not in any trouble.


“I would urge April’s mother to urgently come forward or at least seek treatment, as she could suffer medical complications which are potentially very dangerous.


“Please make contact with Ormskirk Hospital as soon as possible, if you are outside the area please get in touch with a medical professional. In an emergency always call 999.


“You are not in trouble, we need to get you back together with your daughter.


“Anyone who may have seem anything suspicious in the arcade around this time that in hindsight seems suspicious or anyone that is be able to help us locate the mother is asked to contact officers on 0151 777 3835 or by calling 999.”


Enquiries are on-going in the area to trace the mother.

A 24-hour phone line has been set up by the hospital, in order for the mother to make contact. That number is 01695 656 922.


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