Above: Paul Nuttall


UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall is urging MPs to vote against opting back into 35 EU crime and policing measures today. (Monday 10th November 2014)

“We should not be handing over more powers to Brussels and particularly not the European Arrest Warrant, (EAW) which can, and has been used, with scant regard to justice.

“I am perfectly content for the UK to co-operate with our EU neighbours and we are all highly aware of international terrorism but that does not mean we should join an EU criminal justice system,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.

“The EAW means that if the authorities in another EU country want to secure the extradition of a UK national they just go through a “tick box” process and our courts more or less have to comply.

“The picture being painted, if the government does not support the proposal to opt into the measure, is one of giving criminals a free card but it must be perfectly possible to introduce extradition proceedings.

“When we leave the EU – as we surely will and hopefully soon – we will first have certainly negotiated such procedures. It is perfectly possible to do this, as we did with the USA.

“The UK’s justice system should be determined by the British people through the UK parliament, not delegated to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels,” he said.

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