Opinion: Councillor says Sefton should hire ‘weirdos’

18th February 2020

£100,000 Misfits and Weirdos What Sefton Needs?

Sefton Council is presently in the process of filling senior new positions in the Council at the newly-inflated pay rate of over £100,00 per annum.

Southport Councillor Tony Dawson said “In national government, the Prime Minister’s right hand man Dominic Cummings (left) has publicly suggested that “weirdos and misfits” close to the top are what’s required to push government forward in the new directions the country needs to fulfil the Johnson agenda.

This appointment policy has recently involved recently-resigned racist and misogynist Andrew Sabisky.(right) whose beliefs about racial equality and the role of women have led to open condemnation even by government ministers.

Are high-paid “weirdos and misfits” maybe what Sefton Council needs in the top channels to shake it up and get it going in the directions which the Prime Minister wants?”

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