Open email to OTS Editor:  warning “Hot drinks at McDonalds” Southport

A local mother is warning others to take extra care when buying hot drinks from McDonalds after her son was scalded.

Pictured above Jack recovering at home.

The parent said:

We went to McDonalds drive through in Southport this morning (Sunday 27th July 2014).

We was on the way to the kids football and ordered a coffee and hot chocolate.

One of the coffee machines was broken so there would have been a wait for a coffee so we opted for two hot chocolate instead!

The staff were rushing about because of the amount of coffee orders . They  handed our two hot chocolates over without a cup holder!

I then handed my boy Jack his hot chocolate and placed mine in the car cup holder as I was driving!

A few minutes down the road from leaving McDonalds Jack was holding his drink and the lid completely came off scolding him all of his lap and bottom from it spilling all over!

He was screaming his head off in pain, I’ve never seen anything like it before from him so I knew it was serious!

I pulled over straight away and my girlfriend who Jack was sat next to in the back was trying to get his seat belt off and his shorts off immediately as he was in so much pain!

I jumped out of the car and pulled his shorts off and as I did this all his skin peeled off with his clothes!

With that we rushed him straight to  Ormskirk A&E.

They treated and dressed his burns and he has to go back again to get them re dressed!

He is in agony at the moment and can barely walk!

We had him booked in soccer academies this summer as he absolutely loves football and plays in goal but now can’t go because of this incident and has ruined the start of his summer holidays!

Those drinks are served far too hot, I know its says ‘caution hot’ on the cup but no were does its say scolding hot!!

It looked as though somebody had poured a kettle full of freshly boiled water over him!

UPDATE on how Jack recovers over the weeks ahead will be published on here, watch this space!

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