Open Email to OTS Editor ‘The other side of Animal Rights campaigner Tony Moore’ By his brother Dave  

The brother of the late Animal Rights campaigner Tony Moore sent in this email ………………………

Below is the bare bones of his history. He married and was raising a family in Cumberland when he got in some sort of scam on the farm and he had to run and leave his wife and Three children the eldest Peter, 7 years old, a sister and baby Davis. He had no contact at all with them ever again, that was in 1965.

He continued to live in Lancashire but hid himself away. In 1971 our mother was dying and several people search for him and he was found in Southport. He stayed in contact until she died in that year but then again made no contact with his father who died in 1982. I sought him out and told him and was the last time I saw him.

My elder brother John, fell very ill in 2013 and during the course of the last days of his life he told me of some of the antics Tony had got up to including forging Johns name on a loan document which had the police turning up at his surgery to arrest him. John was a G.P. at the time and the news shot around Hoylake causing considerable embarrassment and damage to his reputation.

In 2004 I was contacted by Peter who went to see his father and was thinking of getting married. I had Tonys’ address and phone number as I still had some feelings for him.  I offered to act as an intermediary on his behalf. Peter had told me about a few things including the death of Davis who hung himself when in his early twenties left alone on the farm. When I spoke to tony about Peter wanting to make contact he said “Im sorry it’s inconvenient at the moment as I’m just entering a new relationship” Well this threw me and when I mentioned the death of his son he said “what do want me to do he’s not my responsibility “.

I never spoke to him again although I sent him a couple Emails during my brothers illness as John was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2008.

He is dead now and so it seems died weeks before John. I hope they do not meet in he hereafter, I am Yours.

Dave Moore


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