Online Youtube Mp3 Converter Vs Desktop Youtube Mp3 Converter – Which is Better

24th September 2023

Converting videos from YouTube to mp3 audio is a popular activity for many internet users. The “youtube mp3 converter” allows downloading just the audio track from videos to save or listen to offline. But should you use an online youtube mp3 converter or a desktop software? Both options have their own pros and cons.

What is the YouTube to MP3 Converter?

A youtube mp3 converter is a tool that converts YouTube to MP3 audio file on your computer. This allows you to listen to the audio content offline or on devices that don’t support video playback.

Know about Online Youtube Mp3 Converter

Online youtube mp3 converter tools are websites that provide the conversion service for free through your web browser. Typically, you just need to copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video and the site will download the audio in MP3 format. The main advantage is convenience – you can use an online converter anywhere, on any device with an internet connection and web browser. However, the disadvantage is slower speeds due to server loads and you’re limited to MP3 format only. There are also risks of malware through downloads or ads.

Know about Desktop Youtube Mp3 Converter

Desktop youtube mp3 converters are software programs you download and install on your computer. They work by downloading the video file and extracting the audio locally on your device. The advantage is much faster conversion speed and ability to save in multiple formats like MP3, WAV, FLAC. You also avoid risks from online ads/malware. However, the software needs to be installed and updated on each device you want to use it on. Some paid versions also provide higher quality audio conversion options.

Online Youtube to MP3 converters and Desktop Youtube MP3 converters


Feature Youtube Mp3 Converter Websites Desktop Youtube Mp3 Converter
Convenience Can be used easily from any device with an internet browser Requires downloading and installing software on each device you want to use it on
Speed Usually slower conversion speeds due to server load Faster conversion speeds as it runs locally on your device
Safety Higher risk of malware/viruses from ads or downloads Lower risk as long as you download from a trusted source
Cost Typically free to use but may have limitations or ads May need to purchase software license for full features
Format support Often limited to mp3 format only Supports wider range of formats like mp3, wav, flac, etc.
Audio quality Usually converts at standard bitrates resulting in loss of quality Allows setting higher bitrates for better audio quality
Offline use Requires internet connection to use Can be used offline once software is installed



Firstly, in terms of convenience, online converters have the edge as they can be accessed from any internet-connected device easily through the browser. There is no software installation required, so online converters are more convenient for quick and simple access across multiple devices.

However, desktop converters require installing software on each individual device you want to use for conversion. This makes it less convenient if you want to use the converter across laptops, phones, tablets, etc.

On the other hand, once a desktop converter app is installed, you can use it offline without an internet connection. Online converters must have an active internet connection to function.


Regarding conversion speed, desktop YouTube mp3 converters generally perform much faster than online converters.

Since desktop converters process the audio extraction locally on your own device, the conversion can happen very quickly. Online converters rely on processing power from external servers, which can often be slow during periods of high traffic and usage.

However, online converters may start the conversion process faster since it happens on remote servers and doesn’t require waiting for a download or installation like desktop software.

But once the actual conversion begins, desktop converters will almost always be significantly faster at completing the audio extraction and saving the final MP3 file. Slow server speeds can lead to long wait times with online converters.


In terms of safety risks, online YouTube mp3 converters generally come with more potential for malware exposure compared to desktop converters.

Online converter websites often contain advertisements and affiliate links that could hide malicious downloads. Users also have to download the final converted file on unreliable servers.

On the other hand, desktop converter software from trusted developers like DVDVideoSoft or Freemake poses very minimal risks. As long as you download the software from the official website, a desktop converter is highly unlikely to contain viruses or malware.

However, desktop software still carries a small amount of risk if you inadvertently download it from an unofficial source that has injected malware. But reputable desktop converters will be virus-free from their real download links.


Looking at the cost factor, online YouTube mp3 converters are generally free to use but have limitations, while desktop converters offer free basic software as well as paid premium versions.

The advantage of online converters is that the basic conversion service is free without any limits. However, the tradeoff is dealing with ads and lack of full features.

With desktop converters, you can often download free software like Freemake or Switch that handles the basic conversion needs. But these free versions limit the output quality and file formats.

Paid desktop converters like Wondershare or WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe provide premium features like faster speeds, higher output quality, more format support, and no ads. However, there is a one-time purchase cost for the software license.

Offline use

Finally, comparing offline use capability, desktop YouTube converters have a significant advantage.

Online converters require an active internet connection to function since all the processing happens on external servers. This prevents any offline use if you lose connectivity.

On the other hand, once desktop converter software is installed on a device, it can convert videos to mp3 completely offline without any internet access.

The advantage of desktop converters is you can continue converting videos to audio anywhere, anytime – on planes, in remote areas with no WiFi, or when your internet is down.

However, the disadvantage is that desktop software must first be installed on each individual device you want to enable offline use. Online converters are accessible on any device with a web browser and internet access.