Online reputation management 101: Why your business depends on it

12th November 2020

To prevent PR issues, a business needs to track its online reputation. How else can you discover your customers’ feedback? This post aims at lighting your bulb on the various steps to attaining online reputation management and increasing your chance for some good looking reviews.

Why is reputation key in any business?

In most cases, new customers are a result of some positive statements from a satisfied client. By word of mouth or through reviews on your website, you can begin to enjoy an influx of customers.

Most people check the review section before purchasing a product. Apart from reviews, social media comes in handy in spreading news, good or bad. For this reason, companies must be on the lookout not to attract scandals. Once a customer, existing or potential, forms an opinion about your product, you better be sure you’ll lose or have them wrapped around your little finger till death do you part.

You don’t want to be in the dark when it comes to what your customers feel about your product or services.  An online reputation management software is ideal for ensuring you keep tabs on customer’s insights. Having a reliable means for holding conversations with your clients is key to any business’s excellent online reputation.

How best can you manage your online reputation?

Like I mentioned above, nothing can be more important than the reputation you have as a business. You could have unique services or products, but one bad review due to minor misunderstandings end up being a thorn in your flesh. Here are reliable and practical steps to ensuring a good reputation online.

Have an Online Reputation Management protocol

Protocols come in handy everywhere; they eradicate confusion and, most importantly, avoid room for doubt. Having a brilliant protocol means understanding when to give feedback to a customer’s concern, how open you can be with the customer, and the most appropriate tone to use. It helps to understand who is best suited to be the business’s spokesperson and guides you on whether or not to incorporate automated responses.

Identify a monitoring tool that best suits your business

Here, an online reputation software will come in handy. With such, finding out how many times your brand name or product futures online will be easy. Before settling for an online reputation management software, it is best to find out the online platforms it covers, how best it can handle sentiment analysis, the unique features it carries, and, most importantly, the price range for it.

It is key to carry out extensive research before settling for a software. Those that come with a trial feature are the best because they aid you to gauge how best you can handle its parts and, most importantly, how you can manage your ORM.

Always have a look at the sentiment analytics

Once you are on your online reputation management tool, ensure to know the analytics that is coming your way. You’ll have a clear understanding of the positive and negative feedback hence, giving you a clear understanding of what your reputation is like.

Tackle all mentions

At this juncture, is it prudent to deal with every comment on its own? You could start with your website and then have social media platforms follow. Alternatively, you could start with social media because of the traffic such platforms carry. Research shows that customers expect immediate feedback, especially those that reach a business via social media. It is vital to tackle every mention; you will understand your customers more.

Have a look at the review platforms

Apart from social media, you indeed have other sites that are key to managing your online reputation. Here you have to focus on common review sites in your line of business. By so doing, you will not be limited to the insights from review sites like Google, Amazon, or even Trip advisor.

Check what the media is saying

Media is a potent tool. The reason for this is because most people find the platform trustworthy. It’s best to shun scandals because the media will uncover it all.


I cannot emphasize the above points enough about the importance of the right image for your business. For a parting shot, I want to leave you with one last piece of wisdom; ensure you have good reviews. Low reviews are the worst. No one will have a second look at your business or product once the reviews are not eye-catching.