Online Casino Games: Laptop VS Smartphone

Casino games are a fun pastime for many people and the online versions of these games, that have been spreading in the past couple decades, are also very popular. But on what device is it best to play these games? Are the mobile versions as good as the versions meant to be played on a computer? The purpose of this article is to answer these questions and to compare computer pros and cons and smartphone pros and cons.

Online casino games

All the most popular casino games, including card games (blackjack, poker, baccarat etc.), slot-machines, craps, roulette, and many others, are also available online. This means that software developers have created a sort of video game version of all these games, changing the game as little as possible when a modification was necessary in order to make it a virtual game. The first video casino games were developed decades ago; now, with the evolution of software technology, the efforts of the game developers (which, for the most part, are now companies that are specifically specialized on casino games) are focused on making the games as realistic and possible and as much of a life-like experience as possible.

So, if you have tried old casino games, notice that most of the new ones are nothing alike. They’re not all great, but there are many remarkable pieces of software engineering out there in the online casino world. More recently, with the evolution of videoconference and video-call software, live-streaming versions of casino games are becoming more and more popular, with many providers offering live-games and live-dealer games.

Online casino games can be grouped into two categories: free online casino games and real-wager online casino games. Free online casino games are not specifically regulated, so they can easily be found in various fashions, and in most countries of the world. Real-wager online casino games are proper gambling, so there are specific regulations that differ depending on the location from which you play; for this reason, these games are less numerous, and you normally access them through the portal of licensed online casino providers who offer a collection of these games on their platform or app.

Computer VS Smartphone

All sorts of games are available in both a computer/console and mobile version, not just online games and casino games, so computer VS smartphone is a battle that is being fought from multiple directions in the gaming world. The general response to which is best, is that there is no univocal response; depending on the game, the use, and the player, one device is better than the other, or sometimes just equal.

The same is true for online casino games. Depending on the game, either portable devices or computers can be the best choice, but sometimes it just depends on the user’s personal preference.

Before we explore the strong and weak points of each method, you also want to consider that many players simply choose the device to which they are the most accustomed and with which they feel the most confident. If you work on computers on a daily basis and you do not use smartphones or tablets for more than the occasional chatting, you will probably prefer to play on a computer, even when the smartphone is the most convenient device, generally speaking, for the considered game.

Playing online casino games on a computer

Let’s now solely focus on online casino games. On a computer, these games are normally accessed on a browser, and that’s the background interface you’re going to deal with. With most games, you will be playing with your mouse, and your keyboard too sometimes. The use of these devices, which adds up to the fact that you’re playing on a browser, leaves plenty of action choices to the player. You can precisely select a number of icons (which wouldn’t be possible on a smartphone), you can resize the part of the screen where the game interface is, then the screen will be standing in front of you, making long game sessions more comfortable, and if you need to plug in your computer, the cable will not get in the way as you’re playing.

The downside of playing on a computer is that you need to find the space to play. Even when you have a small laptop with a long-lasting battery, you will probably need at least some sort of table to play more comfortably.  Also, for this and other reasons, it is inconvenient if not impossible to play on the go. If you are in a car or on public transportation, you cannot just take the laptop out of your pocket and play, you need room and you need a backpack or other to carry your PC or Mac. In addition to this, in some places you can struggle to find an internet connection, if you don’t have an integrated mobile connection or the possibility to use a second device as a hotspot for tethering.

One last situation with computers is that most people do not always carry one with themselves, so if you need to play right away, for example to get a bonus before it expires, computers are rarely the solution.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize what’s been discussed about computers in the form of pros and cons bullet points:


  • Comfortable long gaming sessions
  • Precise interaction with the game interface
  • No risk of accidental tapping
  • Generous screen size
  • Ergonomics
  • Game availability and number of accessible games


  • You need an internet connection
  • You need room to play
  • You might need a power source
  • In most cases you cannot use a power-bank
  • Most screens have bad performance under direct sun
  • You don’t always have your computer with you


Playing online casino games on a portable device

Playing on a smartphone or tablet will allow you to play pretty much whenever you want and in any place you fancy. The batteries normally last longer and you can always use a power-bank in case of need, even though playing with the cable attached can be quite uncomfortable, and wireless charging is rarely the solution. Also, it is quicker to start playing on a smartphone than a computer as it is already turned on and opening an app is quicker than loading a website on a browser.

The main issue about playing on a smartphone is game availability. Nearly all existing games can be played on a browser, but the problem is that playing on a browser is not as convenient on a smartphone as it is on a computer. The obvious solution to this is either a mobile version of the webpage or a dedicated app; the problem now is that you cannot find these solutions for all the existing games, which means that some games are just inconvenient to play on a smartphone or tablet.

Previously, we have discussed free versus real-wager games. Free games, since they’re not highly regulated, are very commonly found in the fashion of a mobile app, which means that it is especially convenient to play free online casino games on a smartphone or tablet. You have no risks, you can play right away wherever you want and the interface is meant for a portable device.

Last but not least, consider that gambling on mobile devices is regulated more strictly than gambling from computers in some countries.

Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize what’s been discussed about smartphones and tablets in the form of pros and cons bullet points:


  • You can play when you want and where you want
  • Numerous apps for free-games
  • You can efficiently receive notifications from the games
  • You can easily take screenshots and share your game experiences
  • Better screen quality, on average
  • It takes less time to start playing


  • Game availability and number of accessible games
  • Risk of accidental tapping
  • The graphic quality of the apps is often not as good as the websites’ graphic quality
  • Uncomfortable long gaming sessions
  • Live games are less comfortable to play (the hands get in the way of the camera)
  • Your device might ring as you’re playing


The Top 3 Canadian Online Casino Guides 2021

Here is our list with the best sites for online casinos in Canada, there might be other good ones, but these three have a real good reputation, and have been around for many years.

  1. net
  2. org
  3. Google search for online casinos


Is it best to play online casino games on a computer or on a smartphone?

Generally speaking, if we had to pick one, the best choice for the average user would be the computer; most people are more familiar with computers than with smartphones, and it is more comfortable to play on a computer, especially for long sessions, if you have the time and space to do that.

But the point is that you do not have to make a choice. Most people have both a smartphone and a computer, and you can simply keep your account on both, and play on the one device that is the most convenient depending on the situation.

The best reason to choose to play on a smartphone or tablet, on the other hand, is that it takes less time to start playing. If you play a lot of free games or if the games you play are available on an app, playing on your smartphone will allow you to get going in a split second.

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