Olight Warrior X 4 Tactical Flashlight Features

8th April 2024

The Olight Warrior X4 tactical flashlight is a remarkable thrower with a powerful, rugged design for search, hunting and rescue, or law enforcement objectives. This light specs many valuable improvements matched with the previous model. Featuring a highest 2,600 lumens outputs and 630m beam distance, the X4 balance the spot and spill well with a top peak beam intensity of 99,310 candela, and is equipped with a remarkable strobe, making it born for warriors.

Olight has made the operation experience a key point in this redesign. The latest seamless metal tail switch helps you feel the heavy/soft tap easier. The thick aluminum body is rated for a 3m impact resistance and IPX8 waterproofing. The Type-C interface and battery indicator are hidden behind a dust cover. The Warrior X4 can charge in 2 ways, through MCC3 magnetic charging or built-in Type C. the latest MCC3 magnetic charger will also quick-charge your light in half the time.

Features of Olight Warrior X4 tactical flashlight

Ergonomic design

With its pressure-sensitive design, the tail switch provides right control at your fingertips. Whether you need to turn the light off/on or switch between modes, it is easy and fast. Plus, with Nano molding tech, metal shavings and debris are kept at bay, ensuring a perfect operation every time. Say goodbye to hesitate about dirt and hello to hassle-free use. With the Warrior X4 easy access tail switch, you are forever in command in your illumination, making your adventure safer and more fun.

Robust build

The Olight Warrior X4 provides durability and resilience with a range of powerful specs. Crafted from aero-space aluminum alloy and coated with hard Type III anodized finish, this torch make sure stunning durability, resistant to corrosion, scratches, and wear. Engineered to withstand hard situations, it boasts a two meter impact resistance, ensuring best performance even in demanding atmosphere. Additionally, with an IPX8 waterproof rating, the Warrior X4 is completely submersible up to two meters, making it perfect for use in wet situations or water-related activities without compromising its functionality.

Versatile charger                   

The Olight Warrior X4 torch provides ultimate convenience with its dual charging features. Equipped with MCC3 charging technology, it gives successful charging performance for fast replenishment of power. Additionally, the Warrior X4 supports Type-C charging, permitting for versatile charging compatibility with a big range of devices and power sources. Whether you favor the ease of magnetic charging or the flexibility of Type-C charging, the Warrior X4 make sure that you can recharge your torch with ease, ensuring you are forever prepared for your next adventure.

Smart indicator            

The Olight Warrior X4 torch specs a convenient tri-color battery level indicator, offering clear and intuitive feedback on the remaining power status. With this spec, users can simply monitor the battery level at a glance, ensuring they are forever aware of the torch power status. Additionally, the vibrating battery indicator feature provides tactile alerts when the power is running out.


The Olight Warrior X4 torch comes with a durable nylon reinforced holster, providing a safe and perfect carry solution for your torch. Designed to withstand the demands of daily use and open-air adventures, this holster provides reliable protection for your torch while keeping it easily accessible whenever you need it. Whether you are on the move or storing your torch, the nylon reinforced holster make sure that your Warrior X4 is safety stowed away, ready for action whenever you are.


The Warrior X4 torch boasts a remarkable candela rating of 99,310, showcasing its amazing light intensity and focus. This high candela value enable the Warrior X4 to save a strong and concentrated beam of light over long distances, making it perfect for a big range of applications, including tactical operations, outdoor exploration, and emergency conditions. Whether you are illuminating distant objects, navigating challenging terrain, or signaling for assistance, the Warrior candela rating make sure effective and reliable illumination, improving your visibility and situational awareness in any atmosphere.

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Battery indicator

Green: Represents battery levels from 100% to 60%. When the indicator shows green, it shows that the battery is relatively full, with sufficient power remaining for extended use.

Orange: represents battery levels from 60% to 10%. When the indicator changes orange, it signifies that battery is moderately charged; offering sufficient power for continued operation but may need recharging soon.

Constant red: Signals battery levels from 10% to 5%. A continue red indicator advises that the battery is approaching a low level and may need quick attention for recharging to stop depletion.

Blinking red: Presents battery levels from 5% to 1%. When the indicator blinks red, it warns the battery is generally low and needs quick recharging to stop complete depletion and potential damage to the battery.


What is the importance of the Warrior candela rating?

The Warrior X4 candela rating of 99,310 shows its light focus and intensity, permitting it to project a powerful and concentrated beam of light over long distances. This spec makes the torch perfect for various applications, including tactical operations, outdoor exploration, and emergency conditions where precision and visibility are essential.

How durable is the Warrior X4 torch?

The warrior X4 torch is built for hard conditions; featuring a robust construction with aero-space grade aluminum alloy and hard type III anodized finish. Additionally, it is impact-resistant up to two meters, providing reliable performance in challenging atmosphere. Whether you are camping, hiking, or on duty, the Warrior X4 is designed for all conditions.

Can I adjust the brightness levels on the Warrior X4 torch?

Yes, the Warrior X4 torch provides multiple brightness levels to match various lighting needs. You can toggle between different brightness setting using the tail switch operation, permitting you to customize the glow according to your environment and preferences.

How strong is the nylon reinforced holster added with the Warrior X4 torch?

This nylon reinforced holster provided with the Warrior X4 torch is designed to withstand the demands of daily use and open-air adventures. Its durable construction makes sure reliable protection for your torch while keeping it easily accessible whenever you need it.