November: Lest we forget…

11th November 2017

A brief but heartfelt tribute to the fallen, by a grateful grandson of just one warrior who crossed over the bridge many years ago 

Private Patrick Regan.

Kings Liverpool Regiment.

Died:  21 May 1917, aged 26.

Just one of the many who fought on foreign shores and never returned home… 

Like leaves in the cold winter breeze, the seasons rush by ever faster. Yet at this time of year some of us hold high the respect and feelings of admiration in our hearts we possess for dear family and friends that have passed over.

We never met personally; you died long before my birth. But you and your happy, brave, comrades at arms made today possible for many.

Thank you grandfather; I shed a tear for you this day.  

Your noble spirit lives on in love, honour and glory! 

Southport Monument and new generations: his name lives on, along with many fallen comrades at arms…

Pat Regan ©