By: Abigail Reade B.A. (Communications Officer)

North West Social Enterprise is Buzzing for Bee Rescue!

Burscough based Community Interest Company, the Tree Bee Society of Great Britain is currently appealing to all households across the North West to look twice and avoid killing Bees in the region and instead is asking for households that suspect they have either Bees or Wasps to give them a call.

Volunteers at the social enterprise launched their Bee rescue and re-home service last Spring, aimed at removing nests of wild bees from customers houses and re-homing them with members of the public who are happy to adopt them! The team have since won awards for their work including a Green Apple award for finding an ethical solution to an ongoing problem.

Communications Officer, Abigail Reade told OTSnews Southport: “Every spring Bumblebees and other pollinators come to life and begin work, pollinating our plants and helping in our local food production. Members of the public may have already noticed an increase in the number of insects around, most specifically Bees. Bees are most commonly mistaken for Wasps and are unfortunately killed by pest controllers and unknowing members of the public. We’re currently appealing for all members of the public, as well as businesses to make us their first port of call if they suspect they have Bees nesting in or around their property.

“The Bees are harmless and unlike wasps will not sting without reason. The Tree Bee Society is happy to give out advice over the phone to any member of the public unsure of how to deal with the nests. If a customer requires, we will also remove nests where there is no possibility of the nest staying and we will also deal with swarms of Honey Bees.

“There is currently a massive decline in populations of most Bee species, with two British species becoming extinct in recent years. Many more will follow if nests and swarms continue to be poisoned.”

Bees and Wasps are very different, with Bees being more predominant at the beginning of the year and Wasps usually not being noticeable until July or August. If you believe you have a Wasp or Bumblebee nest, or would like to become a volunteer then please call the Tree Bee Society on 01704 894 018 or email them at Their trained office volunteers will be able to advise you further and in the event of a Wasps nest, will be able to treat the nest for you.


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