No 9 Southport’s Superhero Sunday – Beach House children’s Home

24th May 2020

Lings on kings are proud to Present…. No 9 Southport’s Superhero Sunday.

Where every Sunday one of our local superhero’s will be treated to a free meal on US!!

This week we are following up a nomination from Tracy Michelle Locke for Beach House a children’s home based in Southport.

Beach house children’s home offer 24 hour care and support to young people in care due to traumatic experiences and having been neglected/abused as youngsters. The children in the home are now doing extremely well following the government guidelines so a meal for them and staff would really cheer them up.

Each and every staff member had continued to come into work each day with happy faces and ensure the children are completing there education daily and enjoying activities within the home and keeping busy.

The girls have remained positive throughout lockdown and have made posters, banners, cards and letters and sent them to nursing homes, hospital nurses and our countries Superhero Colonel Tom.

The staff are extremely proud of the children for coping during this time and not having visits with their families in order to stay safe and help staff to stay safe.

The children have also helped our vulnerable elderly neighbours shopping for their essentials whilst they are isolating.

We would like to thank Tracy for the nomination and we hope the children and staff at Beach house enjoy a banquet from us at Lings on Kings.

Also we have agreed in partnership with Just Eat to donate 10% of our food orders revenue each Sunday for 4 weeks to Superhero Sunday fund managed by a Just Eat. They have agreed to match it so 20% of our revenue on Superhero Sunday will go back to supporting the front line workers.

All part of the Good Deed Feed in response to COVID-19, working tirelessly to help our customers at a time of great uncertainty, including essential workers.

Stuart one of our staff at Lings on Kings , came up with the idea of Superhero Sunday I as he does a lot of charity work for our local community. When he told Ling she thought it was a fantastic idea to give something back to our hero’s in this unprecedented time.

Who should it be next week ?
Other local Hero’s? 🤔🤔🤔

Also, we are still open for takeaway deliveries during these hard time’s we are still here to cheer you up!

Order through Just Eat!!!!