Plans to improve the NHS ombudsman service will turn out to be too little too late, warned UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“They are talking about ‘radical modernisation’ but what is really needed is a completely different approach to dealing with NHS standards.

“Along with the Quality Care Commission and Monitor it should be binned and instead we should introduce county health boards. Under innovative UKIP plans these boards would inspect health services and also take evidence from whistle blowers.

“Members of the boards would be elected locally and consist of health professionals, not politicians.  These boards would bring local democratic control to all major local health decisions directly affecting our communities.

“I congratulate the Patients Association for raising concerns about the ombudsman service, which they describe as ‘wholly ineffective and failing families’. It speaks volumes that they have stopped referring callers to it.

“Their new report quotes a user as comparing it to asking a poacher to investigate missing pheasants. How apt and how sad,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP 

“Our health service is is a state of great need and great turmoil and patients are increasingly worried about it and the ramifications for their own health needs. Patients must always come first and there must be a robust and transparent complaints system in place.”

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